Socialist Worker | April 2018

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Rebellion of the teachers

Schools for struggle

March was the month when U.S. schools became the epicenter of explosive protests that are teaching lessons for building a stronger resistance.

Bringing class struggle back

The West Virginia teachers' strike inspired workers across the country--and only time will tell how far this wave of radicalization will spread.

How the spark became a flame

A teacher from West Virginia's Mingo County explains how their victorious strike came together and what lessons they will carry from it going forward.

Talking socialism in a red state

The West Virginia struggle reminds us that we socialists aren't "creating" radicalism, but joining people who are forging their own path toward it.

Next stop for a teacher revolt?

Some 150,000 teachers and public workers in Oklahoma are preparing for a strike that could continue until their demands are met.

Driven by a sense of inequity

A leader of the Oklahoma teachers' strike movement explains how the West Virginia teachers inspired his co-workers.

Our History and Traditions

Why workers have the power

When working people organize collectively, they have their best hope to win change, and they provide a glimpse of how society could be different.

1968: King and the uprisings

If the year 1968 marked a turning point for struggles worldwide, April 4 and the murder of Martin Luther King was a turning point within the year.

No raids, no walls!

Declaring war on sanctuaries

Recent raids in Northern California signal an escalation of the administration's attack on state and local sanctuary policies--but they are spurring protest.

Seattle stands with Maru

After spending years fighting for immigrant rights, Maru Mora-Villalpando is fighting to stop a new threat: her own deportation.

Labor struggles

Delta's anti-union propaganda

Delta Air Lines management has launched a new anti-union website to intimidate workers who are interested in unionizing.

Socialist Worker | April 2018

Answering the violence

A walkout against gun violence

Student walkouts around the U.S. on March 14 are an opportunity to take on the creeping militarization of U.S. society--starting with our schools.

Students are saying: #Enough

The school walkouts on March 14 honored the victims of gun violence and cast a light on the issues facing those who say: #Enough.

Students make the connections

During the March 14 walkout, students on Chicago’s South Side tried to link school shootings with the daily horrors of poverty and racism.

Trump and U.S. Politics

Meek-as-a-Lamb "opposition"

If Democratic leaders get their way, millions of people who hope a Democratic Congress will put the brakes on the Trump blitzkrieg will be disappointed.

Trump's sick answer to opioids

Trump's latest plan to combat the opioid epidemic includes the death penalty and more police--a further cruel twist to the government's non-response.

Their plan to build profits

Trump's infrastructure plan won't repair our crumbling bridges nearly as effectively as it creates profits for investors.

The anti-racist struggle

Standing in solidarity at Loyola

After a racist assault by campus police, hundreds of Loyola students are organizing to demand real change from administrators.

99 bullets and one dead teen

The police killing of Jesus Delgado-Duarte is sparking outrage and demands for justice in San Francisco's Mission neighborhood.

Taking anti-racism into schools

A "Making Black Lives Matter in Schools" event in Los Angeles focused on opposition to the district's policy of "random searches."

Movement News

Marching for women's rights

Activists marked International Women's Day around the U.S. with rallies connecting women's liberation to other struggles.