Socialist Worker | May 2018

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Revolt of the Teachers

Who's afraid of the teachers?

School "walk-ins" across Arizona are the latest actions of a movement that has won concessions from the governor--but teachers say they aren't done.

The road ahead in Kentucky

Teachers sent a loud and proud message at Capitol protests, but there are questions to answer about the shape of future organizing.

Lessons from Oklahoma

Teachers in Oklahoma won a $6,000 raise by standing strong, but their walkouts ended with dissension and confusion after union leaders retreated.

Learning from West Virginia

It's obvious from talking to striking teachers that the media painted a caricature of West Virginia that left out its militant tradition.

War and imperialism

Setting off a powder keg?

The U.S.-led air strikes against Syria will intensify geopolitical conflicts in the region and around the globe, bringing the world closer to war.

Israel replies with a massacre

When tens of thousands of Palestinians rallied to nonviolently commemorate Land Day, they were met by murderous violence.

Hawkish talk from a liberal

She has a progressive reputation on domestic issues, but when it comes to war and foreign policy, Elizabeth Warren can talk as tough as any Republican.

Racism and police violence

The NYPD answer to a crisis

At Saheed Vassell's funeral on April 20, hundreds mourned his death at the hands of police and vowed to continue the fight for justice.

Movement News

A far-right threat crystallizes

A list of anti-racist activists is circulating on a far-right internet forum, raising the clear threat of neo-Nazi violence against the left.

They persecuted the victim

High school students in Sacramento walked out of class to protest the administration's cruel mishandling of a reported gang rape.

Socialist Worker | May 2018

Trump and U.S. politics

Trump's tower of corruption

Trump's legal troubles are getting serious, but scandalmongering isn't the way to challenge the Trump regime, nor his far-right shock troops.

Trade Wars, Episode I

The Trump administration's march down the path toward economic confrontation with China could make the world an even more dangerous place.

The Coward-in-Chief's cruelty

Trump and the right's fearmongers are trying to make it seem not pathetic but wise for rich white men to fear poor migrant children coming to the U.S.

History and Traditions

How Marx became a Marxist

...And you can to! Here's an introduction to the theoretical leaps Karl Marx made on his way to developing a theory and vision that changed the world.

1968: Revolution hits Europe

The uprising of workers in France during May 1968 produced the largest general strike in history, with 9 million workers occupying their workplaces.

Labor struggles

Poverty wages are a disgrace

University of California workers held a day of action on the anniversary of Martin Luther King's murder to demand fairness.

Getting a union off the ground

Delta workers and labor activists gathered for a rally in St. Paul, Minnesota, to support a campaign for union representation.

Wendy's old-fashioned greed

Hundreds of farmworkers and their allies marched on the New York offices of Nelson Peltz, the billionaire CEO of Wendy's.