Series: Ten years after the Iraq War

In this four-part series, Ashley Smith tells the story of the U.S. war and occupation of Iraq 10 years after the invasion--and how it was met by protest and resistance.
  • The drive to a war crime

    In spite of the largest coordinated protests in history, George Bush and the neo-cons were determined to have their war on Iraq.

  • The U.S. war machine unleashed in Iraq

    In March 2003, the U.S. used the full might of its deadly arsenal against a country that had already been devastated by decades of war and sanctions.

  • The occupation and the resistance

    The U.S. unleashed terror and repression to cement its power in Iraq--but in the process, it stoked multiple points of resistance.

  • The end of the occupation

    When its troops failed to quell the Iraqi resistance, the U.S. fomented a civil war--but the occupation still ended in failure.