Series: The Politics of the ISO

Paul D'Amato, author of The Meaning of Marxism, looks in detail at the "Where We Stand" statement of the International Socialist Organization.
  • No choice between the capitalist parties

    The U.S. political system relies on an institutional arrangement where only two parties are presented as legitimate options.

  • Independent of the political status quo

    Without its own party and political representatives, the working class will stay subordinated to the two-party system.

  • A world to win

    Since capitalism is an international system, the working-class struggle to overcome capitalism must also be international.

  • Open to capital but not labor

    U.S. politicians and employers have always used anti-immigrant laws not so much to prevent immigration, but to control it.

  • Opposing war in "the belly of the beast"

    U.S. imperialism must be opposed, whether in the name of humanitarian intervention, spreading democracy or defending the "homeland."

  • Tyrannies ruling in the name of socialism

    The countries that have masqueraded as socialist--from the former USSR to China and Cuba--turned Marxism upside down.

  • Pitting one worker against another

    Capitalism divides the working class, based on sexual, racial and other distinctions, with specially oppressed groups suffering the most.

  • Challenging every form of oppression

    The old slogan of the Industrial Workers of the World, "An injury to one is an injury to all," is crucial for the labor movement.

  • A party to organize our side

    Anyone who has gotten involved in even the smallest struggle knows that without organization, little can be accomplished.