Series: The Politics of the ISO

Paul D'Amato, author of The Meaning of Marxism, looks in detail at the "Where We Stand" statement of the International Socialist Organization.
  • A few profiting from the many

    Capitalism has spread to every corner of the globe--a market-based, profit-driven system where wealth is used to get more wealth.

  • To each according to their need

    What is socialism? Imagine a society in which no one is satisfied until everyone has adequate food, shelter, clothing and so on.

  • On the shoulders of giants

    The International Socialist Organization sees itself as part of a socialist tradition founded by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels.

  • Not a single wheel would turn

    Socialism must involve workers taking power in their workplaces and forming their own democratically elected institutions.

  • Bringing the system to a halt

    The working class is the first class in society whose revolutionary interests don't lie in a new system of exploitation.

  • Uniting against the bosses' attacks

    Socialists support trade unions because they are the most elementary form of organization of the working class.

  • Building rank-and-file power

    Workers must organize rank-and-file organization inside unions to overcome the limits of the labor leadership.

  • Reform struggles and the road to revolution

    In the collective fight for reforms, ordinary people are radicalized and gain a sense of their own power.

  • A tool for preserving class rule

    The modern state is the state of the dominant class, and its main purpose is to secure the rule of that class.

  • A system to carry out workers' democracy

    The working class cannot take over the existing state, but needs its own--a truly democratic state that works itself out of a job.