Topic: Islam/Islamophobia

  • Fear and ignorance defeat a mosque

    A proposal to build a mosque in Bayonne, New Jersey, was blocked by an Islamophobic campaign that made headlines.

  • The left can't litigate Trump into submission

    Trump's first travel ban directed at Muslims suffered a stinging legal defeat, but we shouldn't put our faith in a legal strategy.

  • Bringing together militants and the masses

    An organizer of the anti-Trump protest that occupied the Columbus airport reflects on the lessons of that day for struggles to come.

  • Back to the Islamophobic drawing board?

    The federal court rejection of Trump's ban on Muslims is a victory for the protests against him--but don't trust that this White House will give up.

  • We want the refugees to come home

    The people of Rutland, Vermont, were ready to welcome 100 Syrian and Iraqi refugees. Until Trump's racist ban took effect.

  • An executive order for religious profiling

    Using security as a pretext, Trump's ban on Muslims will unleash a tide of Islamophobia against victims of the "war on terror."

  • Islamophobia and the rise of the new right

    Anti-Muslim bigotry is a key ingredient in the toxic brew that is fueling a wave of right-wing nationalism in countries around the world.

  • The president-elect exploits a tragedy

    Trump used his trip to Ohio State to ramp up his crusade against Muslims and refugees, but students and faculty are sending a different message.

  • The awful lessons of internment

    The same poisonous conditions that led to Japanese internment are building up in 2016. This time, the target is Muslims.

  • A new hate crime in Queens?

    The stabbing of 60-year-old Nazma Khanam is the second murderous attack in a month, and the community is demanding answers.

  • The horrific murder of a Queens imam

    An immigrant community is in shock after the murder of a mosque leader--and they blame Donald Trump for a climate of hate.

  • Who they call a terrorist and who they don't

    Investigators admit that Omar Mateen was driven by many factors, but that didn't stop political leaders from labeling him an "Islamic terrorist."

  • Don't turn homophobia into Islamophobia

    The response to the mass murder in Orlando was overwhelming--solidarity with the victims, but also a plea: Don't turn tragedy into hate.

  • Why are #OurThreeBoys dead?

    Islamophobic violence, spurred on by the politicians, can't be ruled out in the recent slaying of three men in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

  • More than just the hate crimes

    We need to look beyond individual acts of Islamophobia to the racist and militaristic structures in American society.

  • Where they think solidarity is a threat

    Wheaton College wants to fire Dr. Larycia Hawkins after she took a public stance in solidarity with Muslims--but she isn't going to go quietly.

  • PSU sends a message of solidarity

    About 200 people at Portland State University organized events in solidarity with refugees and victims of racist violence.

  • They're fanning the flames of anti-Muslim hate

    A surge of anti-Muslim hate crimes across the U.S. can be traced to the concerted campaign of bigotry whipped up by political leaders.

  • Coming together against hate in New York City

    Dozens of New York City groups came together to protest Trump's Islamophobia and demand that more refugees be taken in.

  • This is what happened in my New Jersey

    Trump has gone too far with his lies about Muslims celebrating 9/11--but he's picked on a crowd isn't going anywhere.

  • More repression and fear aren't the answers

    Barack Obama's Sunday speech committed the U.S. government to the same policies of war and repression that have already stoked terrible violence.

  • Spreading racist fear about the "Muslim threat"

    Donald Trump's recycled lies about U.S. Muslims cheering the September 11 attacks is being rehabilitated for a specific ideological purpose.

  • Building a clock while Muslim

    A 14-year-old boy who wanted to show his teacher an engineering project has become the latest symbol of Islamophobia.

  • What they call terrorism--and what they don't

    The media didn't need to know anything besides the suspect's religion to declare the shootings in Tennessee to be an act of "domestic terrorism."

  • Pamela Geller's war on Muslims

    The right-wing Islamophobes are trying to exploit the shootings at an anti-Muslim event to advance their reactionary agenda.