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April 13, 2003 | Issue 366


Stop the FTAA!
Our world is not for sale
All the concrete barriers and cops in Quebec City won't stop the growing movement against the Free Trade Area of the Americas--and the other trade deals that serve corporate greed over human need.

Tell Bush we won't go back
Abortion is every woman's right
A federal court in San Francisco ruled in favor of anti-abortion fanatics who publish "hit lists" of abortion providers on the Internet.


Stop the bosses' free trade rip-off
Thousands of people from Canada, the U.S. and countries across the Western Hemisphere are planning to descend on Quebec City to protest the Summit of the Americas.

Resistance to market madness
Allies across the border
Free-market policies have been a disaster for workers across the Western Hemisphere. But an international movement of resistance can upset the bosses' plans.

Naomi Klein; Boris Kagarlitsky; Kevin Danaher; Jaime Cota; Paul Babin; Carol Phillips
Voices against the FTAA

Plan Colombia exposes U.S. military arm-twisting
A plan for killing
The FTAA is one part of Washington's strategy for extending Corporate America's power. But if economic power isn't enough, the U.S. has another method--the Pentagon.

Coast to coast...
Protest the FTAA!
Across the country, from Vermont to Southern California, activists are planning protests and events to oppose the free trade rip-off of the Americas.


Tell Bush we won't go back!
Abortion rights under attack
The Bush gang has flung down the gauntlet with a series of attacks on a woman's right to choose. Socialist Worker looks at how we won this right--and where our struggle needs to go from here.

Bush breaks global-warming promise
Dubya's hot air
Who do you trust more? George W. Bush or 2,500 of the world's leading scientists? The scientists have concluded that governments must act now to halt global warming.


April protests show the potential for bigger fights ahead
Building the new resistance
A majority of people are opposed to--and angry about--George Bush's policies. By turning that anger into action, we can unite the fight to stop Bush and the corporate agenda that he represents.

Democrats bow to Bush's agenda
After the Senate passed a budget outline reducing President Bush's $1.6 trillion tax cut proposal, Minority Leader Tom Daschle declared "we want more victories just like it." But with "victories" like this, who needs defeats?

Politicians use McVeigh case to justify the death penalty
Exploiting a tragedy
For Bush, McVeigh is the ideal candidate for the first federal execution in 37 years--because he'll draw attention away from the real face of the death penalty.


Spy plane furor sends politicians into frenzy of hypocrisy
Washington's China bashing
The hypocrisy of U.S. leaders shot up to frantic levels following the April 1 collision between a U.S. spy plane and a Chinese fighter jet over the South China Sea.

Bush goes after the uninsured
It's slash-and-burn time at the Bush White House. Bush's budget will virtually eliminate funding for health programs to help people without health insurance.

California utility goes to bankruptcy court
PG&E's plan to pick our pockets
California took one giant step towards a full-scale electricity meltdown when the state's largest private utility declared bankruptcy.

Opponents of racist ad face threats at Brown
The controversy over right-winger David Horowitz's racist ads about reparations continued at fever pitch this month at Brown University.

Right-wingers take aim at affirmative action
During his confirmation hearings, Attorney General John Ashcroft promised to remain neutral on affirmative action. Anyone believe him?


Bloody record of U.S. proves that it doesn't care about justice
Washington hypocrites cheer Milosevic arrest
Former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic was arrested in Belgrade earlier this month but the U.S.'s tough talk has nothing to do with justice.

Israel's violence against Palestinians intensifies
Israel's brutality has made life a living hell for Palestinians in the Occupied Territories--and will only fuel the fury that has erupted into resistance.

Where is Peru headed after Fujimori?
Last fall, masses of Peruvians drove President Alberto Fujimori out of office with mass strikes and huge street protests. Now Peru's voters were headed to the polls to elect Fujimori's successor.

Chentex ordered to rehire fired workers
Opponents of sweatshops won a major victory in early April when an appeals court in Nicaragua ruled that nine union leaders at the Chentex textile plant were fired illegally last year.


Holes in the media's Bush victory story
A newspaper analysis of Florida election ballots claims to have answered the question everyone's been asking: If all of the votes had been counted, would Gore or Bush have won?

Labor's challenges--and potential
"Do or die." So said AFL-CIO President John Sweeney last month following reports of another decline in union membership.

Fighting for both the present and the future
Revolutionaries usually find themselves in the minority in society. Only at extraordinary moments do revolutionary ideas grip millions of people. So is a socialist revolution impossible?

Inside the system
The right's right to kill; Government 101; They call this belt tightening?; U.S. says play nice; Heard it through the grapevine


Members threaten strike pending merger with US Airways
United flight attendants ready for "CHAOS"
United Airlines flight attendants voted overwhelmingly to strike if the company moves ahead with its buyout of US Airways without getting a waiver from the flight attendants.

On the picket line
New York City transit workers; Peoples Gas; Comair; Washington state workers; Vermont nursing home workers; New York City teachers


News and reports
Stop Bush's attack on abortion; California death penalty; Ohio death penalty; Harlem gentrification; Abolish racist drug laws; Justice for the Death Row 10; Justice for Aldrin Diaz; University of Wisconsin


Cops in LA go to bat for corporate greed
Arrested at the bosses' whim
I was arrested on the Hollander Textile strikers' picket line with no explanation. They said we had violated an injunction--one passed that day, which no one knew about!

Don't buy media hype about school violence
When a student brings a gun to school, it is decried as proof of our violent public schools. But when the government gives our children guns in the JROTC to train for war, they are given scholarships.

Letters to the editor
Nonprofits aren't kinder and gentler; Providence mayor is in trouble again; You wouldn't guess they're Democrats; FDA has gone from watchdog to lapdog; Campus cops caught spying on anti-sweatshop activists


The struggle to save nine young Black men from lynch mob justice
The story of Scottsboro
A new documentary details the famous case of attempted legal lynching--and the successful campaign to stop it.

A razor-sharp satire on race relations in the U.S.
Few comic strips have generated as much controversy as Aaron McGruder's politically charged "The Boondocks."

Crouching Tiger's hidden world of dreams
"I wish I were like the heroes I read about in the books," says Jen Yu in the opening scene of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. With that, the audience is whisked away into a dream world, where anybody can be a warrior.

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