Police on the move during charges against protesters in Ferguson

They call for "peace" and commit more violence

The responsibility for the nightly chaos in Ferguson, Mo. lies with the police--and with the political leaders who order them into action.

Racism killed Mike Brown

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's essay on Ferguson focused powerfully on the issue of class inequality--but he left something out.

An epidemic aided by poverty

The rapid and widespread character of the current Ebola outbreak in West Africa is directly connected to systemic inequality.

The crimes of Rick Perry

The prospect of the Texas Republican governor facing criminal charges is enough to being a smile to any progressive's face.

Jewish voices for justice

Recent demonstrations have heard passionate calls for support for BDS from Jewish writers, academics and more.

A pass for anti-Semitism?

Our approach to oppression has always been that responsibility for racism never belongs to the oppressed group.

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Assassinated a second time

He was shot down by a police officer on the streets of Ferguson, Mo. Then the media took aim, and he was assassinated all over again.

Scenes from a city in revolt

A collection of photos taken in Ferguson, Mo., provides a glimpse of the popular resistance to police violence.

Ferguson is fighting back

SocialistWorker.org writers report from a Missouri city that is rising up against police murder, despite every effort by authorities to silence them.

From Palestine to Ferguson

Palestinians express their solidarity with the people of Ferguson, in their struggle against a police occupation.

Ferguson under occupation

The majority Black city has been rocked by protests against police murder--and the response of authorities has been to commit more violence.

A Missouri city erupts

The killing of 18-year-old Michael Brown by a cop in Ferguson, Mo., ignited the bitter outrage of the community--and of millions more people.

The empire of hypocrisy

If Barack Obama believed his justification for the latest air strikes on Iraq, he would be ordering military intervention to save the Palestinians.

Missiles won't protect anyone

A U.S. warplane on the deck of on an aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf (Ryan O'Connor)

The U.S. is dropping bombs again in Iraq on a rebel military force that only exists today because of the disastrous colonial occupation.

The PRI sides with the cartels

Mexico's government is carrying out repression against self-defense groups fighting the Knights Templar narco-cartel.

Keeping apartheid at Bay

Protests by Palestine solidarity activists and action by Oakland port workers stopped the unloading of an Israeli-owned ship.

One step forward for Rasmea

Supporters of the Palestinian-American leader are holding a call-in day after getting some good news about the case.

Abunimah won't be silenced

When the Evanston library tried to cancel a Palestinian author's speech, activists proved that solidarity is stronger than censorship.

Golan can't move without us

Workers at Golan Moving and Storage outside Chicago walked out on strike to say "no more" to wage theft and abusive treatment.

A day of rage for Gaza

Even as a new cease-fire between Israel and Palestine took effect, activists in cities across the U.S. protested Israel's brutality.

Like the end of everything

On the anniversary of the atomic bombs dropped on Japan, the story of one survivor recalls the horrors of those mass murders.

An NBA breakthrough

Becky Hammon will become the first full-time female assistant coach in any major professional men's sport in the U.S.

Support floods in for Salaita

A public campaign in support the fired pro-Palestinian professor Steven Salaita has generated more than 15,000 signatures.

Salaita and academic freedom

The editors of the ISR challenge the University of Illinois' firing of Steven Salaita--and the arguments advanced to defend it.

Israel's Democratic champions

Clockwise from top left: Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders

The Democratic Party has proven its unwavering commitment to Israel over many years--and that includes the supposed "progressives" among its ranks.

Not in my name

I am proud to join Jewish Holocaust survivors and descendants of survivors in condemning the massacre of Palestinians.

Where is the PSUV headed?

Venezuela's revolutionary left put forward its criticisms, but the ruling party founded by Hugo Chávez didn't take them up.

Silent in Seattle on Israel's war

The Seattle City Council took a big step backward on August 11 when it refused to take up the Israeli slaughter in Gaza.

Beaten for being on the phone

A Chicago woman was beaten by several police until she was unconscious--but she's the one facing assault charges.

Why Steven Salaita was fired

An Arab-American scholar and public critic of Israeli colonialism was fired from his new job at the University of Illinois.

Never again means for anyone

Jewish survivors of the Nazi Holocaust and their descendants have signed a statement condemning the massacre of Gaza.

The courage to refuse

The numbers are small, but there are Israeli military resisters challenging the occupation of Palestine within the borders of Israel.

When torture goes unpunished

Obama openly used the word "torture" to describe U.S. actions after 9/11--but don't expect anyone to be held accountable.

The anti-Zionism of fools

Zionists attempt to silence critics as "anti-Semitic"--but that can't overshadow the need to confront real anti-Semitism.

Our freedom and Palestine's

Left organizations in the Middle East express their solidarity with Palestine--and their horror at the complicity of Arab regimes.

When Benton Harbor exploded

Two members of the National Guard on patrol in Benton Harbor, Mich.

In June 2003, Alan Maass and Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor reported on an uprising against police in a Michigan city.

Rebellions and social change

As part of SW's History of Black America series, Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor explained the source of the 1960s urban rebellions--and their social impact.

Dismissing a celebrity death

We can talk about the world's atrocities and still have a conversation about mental health and the impact of a famous person's death.

No claims on the "Truth"

A reader challenges a characterization in Paul Le Blanc's contribution to the discussion on Leninism.

Nuestra Opinión

El imperio de la hipocresía

Si Obama creyera su propia excusa para ordenar los ataques aéreos en Irak, entonces habría ordenado una intervención para salvar a los palestinos.

Paz, resistencia y solidaridad

El costo humano de la guerra de Israel contra Gaza ha sido enorme, pero ¿pueden los palestinos aceptar una "paz" sin el término el sitio de Gaza?

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