Fighting is intensifying in the eastern region of Ukraine

The grim toll rises in Ukraine's civil war

Destruction and death are stalking eastern Ukraine, with worse to come, as fighting has intensified between pro-Russian rebels and government forces.

Piden paz e incitan violencia

Los policías no son los únicos responsables por la violencia desatada en Ferguson --también lo son los líderes políticos que los ponen en acción.

The campus stands for Salaita

The international movement to defend Steven Salaita was bolstered by the eruption of a strong support campaign at UIUC.

Native voices won't be bullied

It's no surprise when Sarah Palin agrees with football owner Dan Snyder that a racial slur should be an NFL brand.

Still trapped in the Jungle

A theatrical adaptation of Upton Sinclair's classic novel on stage in Chicago is bold, stunning and unabashedly radical.

Views in brief

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People's Climate March and Climate Convergence | New York City | September 19-21
International Socialist Review |

Sharon Smith writes in the latest issue of the International Socialist Review on "Women's liberation: The Marxist tradition." For that and more articles on socialist theory and practice, go to the website.

Confronting the facts

Sports fans cheering the Little League World Series champions should think about the sports hero they're named after.

Artists and writers for Mike

We condemn the police murder of Michael Brown and unconditionally support all the protesters of Ferguson.

What divides Black America?

Al Sharpton at Mike Brown's funeral in Ferguson, Mo.

The revolt in Ferguson has been politically polarizing among African Americans--with the fault lines reflecting class differences.

Pure propaganda for the police

A hopelessly biased and myopic CNN segment reduced the militarization of police departments to one bank robbery.

Ensuring the world remembers

The powerful public funeral for Mike Brown turned out thousands of people--and raised questions about the next steps in this struggle.

Ferguson is a test

It might not be on the new Common Core exams, but the killing of Michael Brown is a test for our nation's schools nonetheless.

We are all watching Ferguson

Washington, D.C., stands with the people fighting for justice in Ferguson (Elvert Barnes)

The police shooting of Mike Brown in Ferguson, Mo., caused shock waves across the U.S.--and inspired solidarity actions.

Solidarity with Mike's family

The family of Troy Davis, an innocent man put to death by the state of Georgia, extends its sympathy and solidarity.

The roots of racism and revolt

The racism and inequality woven into Ferguson's history created the conditions for both Mike Brown's murder and the powerful protests against it.

A civil liberties emergency

An ACLU staffer present at the protests in Ferguson, Mo., describes the routine violations of basic rights that he's witnessed.

Where is labor in Ferguson?

It is imperative that unions reach out to African Americans as partners in the struggle for economic and social rights.

Their false calls for "peace"

The responsibility for the nightly chaos in Ferguson, Mo. lies with the police--and with the political leaders who order them into action.

Racism killed Mike Brown

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's essay on Ferguson focused powerfully on the issue of class inequality--but he left something out.

Battling the censors at UIUC

Students, alumni and faculty gathered at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to demand reinstatement for Steven Salaita.

Putting Larry's killer on trial

Austin, Texas, Detective Charles Kleinert is finally on trial for the killing of Larry Jackson, committed over a year ago.

Standing up for NYPD victims

Thousands of protesters marched in Staten Island to demand justice for Eric Garner and other victims of police brutality.

Kollontai rediscovered

A recently republished biography of Alexandra Kollontai offers an important examination of the contributions of this important revolutionary.

A cosmic joy to watch

The movie Guardians of the Galaxy is a good-natured, funny and unapologetically escapist summer spectacle.

Nuestra Opinión

De Palestina a Ferguson

Palestinos expresan su solidaridad con el pueblo de Ferguson, en su lucha contra la ocupación policial.

Obama's new war in Iraq

The U.S. government is intensifying its military intervention in Iraq--and flirting with one in Syria--with the claim of "humanitarian" concerns.

Getting justice into the pipeline

The People's Climate March is set to be a center for activists from around the world to raise their voices against climate change.

Waiting for justice

A new report from Amnesty International documents torture and extrajudicial killings by U.S. forces in Afghanistan.

How can the GOP be winning?

The political momentum is with Republicans going into the 2014 midterm elections--and Democrats have no one to blame for it but themselves.

Translating from the Zionism

The actor and playwright responds to an newspaper ad directed at whipping up pro-Israel support in Hollywood.

A matter of academic freedom

A professor in Turkey has been charged with libel for criticizing a local political leader and his municipal policies.

UIUC's bankrupt case

University officials have broken their silence, but their justifications for the firing of Steven Salaita are even more disturbing.

Seeing through the chairman

Pierre Ryckmans was one of the few authors on the left during the 1960s and '70s to criticize China's Cultural Revolution.

Israel continues the slaughter

Israel is again raining terror from the skies over Gaza, even as it persists in claiming that its "precision" strikes are a "proportionate" response.

Profits come before patriotism

Barack Obama has discovered that U.S. multinationals pledge allegiance to their bottom line, not the good old U.S.A.

Why is the U.S. bombing Iraq?

The new intervention in Iraq is driven by imperialist interests, not the "humanitarian" concerns stated by U.S. leaders.

Syria's struggle for freedom

Syrian revolutionaries are in need of support as they confront the violence of the regime--and of reactionary jihadist groups.

An epidemic aided by poverty

The rapid and widespread character of the current Ebola outbreak in West Africa is directly connected to systemic inequality.

The crimes of Rick Perry

Texas Gov. Rick Perry (Gage Skidmore)

The prospect of the Texas Republican governor facing criminal charges is enough to being a smile to any progressive's face.

Jewish voices for justice

Recent demonstrations have heard passionate calls for support for BDS from Jewish writers, academics and more.

Consistently against bigotry

There is no evidence for the claim that the left is becoming desensitized to anti-Semitism or giving bigots a pass.

A pass for anti-Semitism?

Our approach to oppression has always been that responsibility for racism never belongs to the oppressed group.

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