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Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders launches his Democratic presidential primary campaign

A socialist FAQ on Sanders and the left

Two contributors look at what's at stake in the left's discussion of Bernie Sanders' Democratic Party presidential campaign.

Sanders is no Eugene Debs

A Green Party leader contributes to the left debate about Bernie Sanders' campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Why did Ramadi fall to ISIS?

Just as the U.S. government was claiming a supposed string of successes, ISIS fighters have conquered an important city in western Iraq.

Facing Egypt's kangaroo courts

Several revolutionary activists in Egypt have been taken into custody as they await the outcome of a May 31 court appeal.

Other top articles of the week

Shrinking Big Brother?

The proposed reforms to NSA spying programs are essentially cosmetic changes to an out-of-control surveillance system.

Resistance builds in Okinawa

Recent protests in Okinawa represent the latest stage of the struggle against the overwhelming U.S. military presence.

Meet the new housing plan

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio's plan to preserve public housing looks a lot like his predecessor Michael Bloomberg's.

Cleveland's criminal cops

An agreement with the Justice Department will place restrictions on Cleveland police--but will it have any affect in reining in their toxic violence?

Bill Bratton's broken excuse

The NYPD commissioner is claiming young New Yorkers oppose Broken Windows because they're spoiled by low crime rates.

What's next for Rodney Reed?

Activism won a stay of execution for Texas death row prisoner Rodney Reed--and now he must be freed from death row.

Other top articles of the week

The way out is a left turn

Revolutionaries inside SYRIZA make the case for a strategy to escape the downward spiral of negotiations with the lenders.

Where is Mexico headed?

A Mexican revolutionary explains how neoliberalism is reshaping the Mexican state--and the resistance it has produced.

Socialism 2015 | Chicago | July 2-5

Life has no dignity at Quad

A worker describes the conditions at an Oklahoma City printing plant where an employee was crushed to death.

Oscar must be free

Thousands of people will march to demand the release of the longest-serving Puerto Rican political prisoner in U.S. history.

Holding UW's feet to the fire

Student and worker activists at the University of Washington are taking the fight against inequality to the university Regents.

Snapshots of the Bay Area left

Chris Crass' Towards Collective Liberation contributes to our understanding of where the left has been and where we need to go.

The politics of the ISO

Where We Stand: The Politics of the ISO

In this extended series of articles on the politics of international socialism, Paul D'Amato, author of The Meaning of Marxism, looks in detail at the ISO's "Where We Stand" statement.

Find out about the activities of the International Socialist Organization
Marx Matters: A collection of SW articles on the Marxist tradition
International Socialist Review |

Sharon Smith writes on "Capitalism and Sexual Assault: Toward a More Comprehensive Understanding" in the latest issue of the International Socialist Review. For that and more articles on socialist theory and practice, go to the website.

Where Black lives matter less

Barack Obama's presidential library is coming to Chicago's South Side--but not a desperately needed trauma center.

Still searching for justice

A group of mothers gathered in Washington, D.C., to express their pain, sadness and anger at continuing police violence.

Using the Democrats for good?

The question is whether the Sanders campaign can be used to make the left stronger--or whether the radicals will get used by the Democrats.

Building something to vote for

The "Future of Left and Independent Politics" conference provided a forum for discussing left-wing electoral challenges.

Sanders' campaign and the left

Members of the International Socialist Organization and Socialist Alternative exchange views on the Sanders campaign.

GM hasn't paid for its crimes

The number of deaths linked to faulty ignition switches in GM cars is over 100--and GM still hasn't taken responsibility.

A neoliberal train wreck?

Wreckage from the Amtrak derailment in Philadelphia

The media are focusing blame for the deadly Amtrak derailment on the engineer, but politicians set the stage for this disaster long before.

They want to outlaw solidarity

Pro-Israel politicians are pushing laws to punish institutions and corporations that boycott Israel in support of Palestinian rights.

Striking for school funding

Seattle teachers hit the picket line in the latest in a series of one-day strikes to demand full funding for education.

A fighting strategy wins in LA

By mobilizing the membership and threatening to strike, the UTLA leadership forced school officials to bow to the union's key demands.

Unions and social justice

Building a strong labor movement requires broadening the struggle beyond the demands of one union or industry to embrace class-wide demands.

Arrested for peaceful protest

Connecticut authorities overreacted to a small nonviolent protest at a synagogue, and now the activists need support.

Unidos contra la patronal

Los socialistas apoyan los sindicatos porque son las organizaciones más elementales de la clase obrera.

The dilemmas facing Chavismo

The difficulties facing Venezuela's left-wing government under Nicolás Maduro extend back to the rule of Hugo Chávez.

Red lines of the Greek people

The Political Secretariat of the radical left party SYRIZA puts forward the principles to guide negotiations with the lenders.

When they turn back the boats

A grotesque re-enactment of one of the great moral failures of the 20th century is playing out in the waters off Southeast Asia.

SYRIZA faces a decisive test

Demonstrating against austerity in front of Greece's parliament (Ben Folley)

A leader of the left wing in SYRIZA describes the stakes as the moment of truth approaches for the Greek government.

Commemorating Nakba 2015

May 15 was the anniversary of the "Nakba"--the Arabic word used to describe the ethnic cleansing of Palestine to establish Israel.

Was Labour too left wing?

On May 7, Britain's Labour Party lost a cynical public relations war that had little to do with political ideology.

The moment of truth in Greece

With the critical turning point in Greece's crisis drawing near, the whole of SYRIZA must be asked to decide what comes next.

New world of Scottish politics

What's behind the Labour Party's crushing defeat and the Scottish National Party's big win--and what does it mean for the left?

Support Egyptian labor leaders

We stand with fired labor leaders at the Mahalla textile factory, which has been a stronghold of resistance for nearly a decade.

Marxism for a new generation

The Socialism 2015 conference is an important political gathering for radicals from around the country and beyond.

Don't thank me for serving

I am not proud of my so-called "service" to the flailing dinosaur of an empire that calls itself the U.S. of A.

A universe of its own

If our superheroes say something about the society we live in, what does Avengers: The Age of Ultron have to tell us?

Confusion about power

During the Spanish Revolution, there were different interpretations of revolutionary syndicalism within the CNT

Syndicalism and taking power

Marxists differ from syndicalists in our understanding of politics and the tasks needed to prepare for and win a revolution.

Contradictions of syndicalism

The working class can only achieve practical consciousness through the fight for leadership in every sphere of social life.

Democrats don't make change

We need elected officials who aren't going to side with police, but instead support the Black Lives Matter movement.

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