Above: Barack Obama and other Black leaders march in Selma; below: Protesting police murder in Ferguson

Who will write the next chapter in the struggle?

The commemoration of the Selma civil rights march prompted many to think about how much has changed in 50 years--and how much has not.

No hate in this state

The passage of a bill legalizing anti-LGBT discrimination has produced a welcome wave of solidarity and protest.

What's in the new ILWU deal?

A tentative agreement covering West Coast dockworkers appears to trade higher wages for possible concessions on future jobs.

A fighter's life in danger

Political prisoner and journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal remains in a hospital intensive care unit where he was rushed this weekend.

The bias at the BBC

You can see why British conservatives would accuse the BBC of left-wing bias since many of the journalists are Tories.

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International Socialist Review | ISReview.org

Arun Kundnani and Deepa Kumar have a feature on "Race, surveillance, and empire" in the latest issue of the International Socialist Review. For that and more articles on socialist theory and practice, go to the ISReview.org website.

Racism and the 1 Percent

Racism has deep roots intertwined with capitalism itself--but its grip can be broken, particularly at times of heightened class struggle.

Chicago's stop-and-frisk spree

Chicago police stopped 250,000 people last summer, according to the ACLU, surpassing even the NYPD in racial profiling.

Useless in the face of tragedy

The death of an Oakland mother has shown once again that city officials' preferred solution to crime is no solution at all.

Madison on the march

In the weeks since teenager Tony Robinson was killed by a Madison police officer, thousands have taken to the streets to demand justice.

San Francisco's racist gang

As a deputy public defender in San Francisco, I'm not shocked that there is a white-power network among the police.

A family keeps the fight alive

Thanks to solidarity and support, Los Angeles-area families of police murder victims are finding the strength to stand up and demand justice.

Pro-labor mayor for Chicago?

Chicago unions are presenting mayoral candidate Chuy García as a champion of labor, but his record tells a different story.

Asking questions about Chuy

Jesús "Chuy" García on the campaign trail (Eric Allix Rogers)

The fact that Rahm Emanuel is a menace to working people in Chicago doesn't make his challenger's campaign more progressive.

What has de Blasio achieved?

A New York City socialist has a message for Chicago, where a mayoral runoff election pits a hated incumbent against a very different challenger.

Standing up to an eco-menace

Campaigners in the Finger Lakes region of New York are celebrating a judge's decision to dismiss charges against them.

California is burning

Scientists are issuing dire warnings about California's drought--but politicians and the media are avoiding the bigger questions about its causes.

A 1,000-foot-tall middle finger

Some of Manhattan's swankiest luxury condo skyscrapers benefit from real estate tax breaks originally designed to generate affordable housing.

It's time to raise a racket

The UAW has delivered contracts that are essentially non-union in scope and their economic impact on the auto workforce.

Running Illinois like a banker

Union members traveled to the state capital to protest Gov. Bruce Rauner plans to slash social spending and workers' rights.

Solidarity wins at Rutgers

Faculty and graduate employees at Rutgers University overcame an intransigent management to win a tentative agreement.

UTLA heads for a showdown

As the school year begins to wind down, a major labor battle is looming in the country's second-largest school district.

No tolerance for Golden Dawn

The Greek left must mobilize to give voice to the anti-Nazi climate as a trial of Golden Dawn leaders gets underway in April.

War and elections in Nigeria

Elections in Nigeria have already been delayed once

A Nigerian socialist describes what's at stake in Nigeria's elections--and what the outcomes could mean for working people.

Israeli elections expose the lie

Netanyahu's call to arms during the election campaign revealed the racism at the heart of the Israeli political system.

BDS after the Israeli election

The victory of Netanyahu's Likud Party was a grand triumph of racism--and demands an intensification of the BDS campaign.

Class matters in Nigeria

There is a heated debate about the national election, but few mainstream figures are talking about the country's main divide.

Making of neoliberal Mexico

A Mexican socialist traces the neoliberal turn in national politics from its roots 25 years ago through the PRI's return to power.

Breaking the vicious circle

The Greek government must go in the opposite direction from concessions to defeat the extortion of Europe's rulers.

Blockupy and the battles ahead

Two socialists reflect on the huge Blockupy protest in Frankfurt and the tasks of the movement in the coming months.

When the debt is illegitimate

Cancellation of Greece's foreign debt is a necessity--and history is full of examples of similar burdens being written off.

Obama's message in N. Ireland

Why is the White House putting pressure on political leaders in Northern Ireland to reach an agreement on welfare "reform"?

Socialist women against war

One hundred years ago, women revolutionaries adopted the first international socialist appeal against the First World War.

Move the Final Four

If the NCAA wants to take a stand against a bigoted law, it should move the basketball championships out of Indiana.

The campus fight for Palestine

Nora Barrows-Friedman's book is both a living chronicle and handbook of one of the most explosive movements of our times.

Can we end the war on drugs?

Henry Anslinger, the architect of the "war on drugs"

Just as the key to treating addiction is addressing underlying causes, ending the drug war requires changing a profoundly unequal society.

March is for changing mascots

A Wisconsin college basketball player is using a newfound national platform to demand justice for Native Americans.

Quién amenaza a quién

Barack Obama declaró al gobierno de Venezuela una amenaza a la seguridad de EE.UU., pero es Washington quien amenaza a Venezuela.

BDS y las elecciones israelíes

La victoria de Netanyahu fue un triunfo para el racismo--y nos exige intensificar la lucha por Boicot, Desinversión y Sanciones.

Sobre los hombros de gigantes

La Organización Socialista Internacional se considera parte de la tradición socialista fundada por Carlos Marx y Federico Engels.

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