A section of the border wall in Nogales, Ariz., with crosses and names of people who died attempting to cross. (Eric Ruder | SW)

Washington puts politics ahead of immigrant lives

The immigrant bashing of Republicans is back in the spotlight in Washington, but we shouldn't forget the Deporter-in-Chief's dismal record.

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The hidden victims of austerity

The dire conditions facing immigrants and asylum seekers in Greece are a critical issue facing the SYRIZA government.

Marching against LAPD killers

The shooting of a Black homeless man by Los Angeles police exposes how city policies scapegoat the poor and unhoused.

Motives for murder in Russia

A Russian socialist website responds to the murder of Boris Nemtsov, a prominent opponent of President Vladimir Putin.

Living with the scars of slavery

A University of Washington student puts the struggle for diversity on campus in the larger context of American racial injustice.

Guantánamo in Chicago

A shocking series of reports reveal that Chicago police have been running their own "black site" detention facility, where torture is rampant.

Myths behind the "hard truths"

FBI Director James Comey was praised for a speech that acknowledged the existence of racism--but mischaracterized its causes.

Rodney Reed wins a reprieve

Grassroots activism played an important role in winning a stay of execution for Texas death row prisoner Rodney Reed.

Why we stand with YGB

Teaching assistants at the University of Wisconsin approved a resolution in support of the Young, Gifted and Black Coalition.

The extremely violent empire

U.S. soldiers raid a home in Iraq (Joann Makinano)

The Obama administration's "Countering Violent Extremism" summit held in February was a brazen exercise in hypocrisy.

A get-out-of-terror-free card

Saudi Arabia is connected to terrorism around the world--yet the U.S. government considers it an ally in the "war on terror."

A divestment win at Stanford

The university's undergraduate Senate voted to support divestment from companies complicit in Israel's human rights abuses.

BDS activists blocked at UT

The first efforts of a divestment campaign at the University of Toledo were set back by bigoted and undemocratic maneuvering.

Why we're opting out

It's easy to feel alone, but we can take hope from the teachers, parents and students standing up to high-stakes testing.

A tour that supports apartheid

New York City Council members must end their complicity with all forms of racist violence, from New York to Palestine

Bringing the struggles together

North Carolina's Historic Thousands on Jones march brought tens of thousands of people to the state capital of Raleigh.

Playing politics with housing

Tenant groups are battling to save rent stabilization in New York, but they face opposition and apathy from elected officials.

We won't be bullied

We call on the New York City Council to stop defaming supporters of Palestinian rights with false accusations of anti-Semitism.

Striking to stop the "accidents"

An explosion at an oil refinery in Southern California shows the high stakes in the oil workers' spreading strike against the energy giants.

UW walks out for diversity

Student activists led walkouts at University of Washington campuses to show opposition to racism and address the issue of diversity.

Don't let Walker wreck UW

University of Wisconsin students, faculty and campus workers are mobilizing against Gov. Scott Walker's plan to slash funding.

A cada cual según necesite

¿Qué es el socialismo? Imagine una sociedad cuyo propósito sea satisfacer las necesidades de cada uno de sus miembros.

Confronting the concessions

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras (right) and Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis

A Greek socialist answers questions about the political situation following the agreement with the Eurogroup--and the struggles that now lie ahead.

The deal that trapped SYRIZA

The agreement between the Greek government and European lenders accepts the limits of a neoliberal policy of austerity.

Kind of a different state?

The discussion about what the SYRIZA led-government in Greece can accomplish raises important questions about the state.

What caused the capitulation?

The Eurogroup agreement that the Greek government was dragged into last week amounts to a headlong retreat.

The noose tightens on Greece

Leaders of the new Greek government face a deadline to come up with an austerity program that SYRIZA came to power promising to end.

To Egypt's revolutionary youth

A member of the Revolutionary Socialists explains what Egypt's struggle teaches us about class struggle, sectarianism and terrorism.

Malcolm X: A revolutionary life

Fifty years after his murder, SW's multi-part series starts with a looks at the world that shaped one of the 20th century's most important revolutionaries.

Moving toward revolution

Malcolm X's energetic proselytizing increased the size of the Nation of Islam--but it also turned Malcolm into a political leader.

Reaching a dead end

While Malcolm X regularly criticized the civil rights movement, he could offer no alternative from within the Nation of Islam.

Emerging as a revolutionary

Malcolm X

When Malcolm X was forced out of the Nation of Islam, he moved sharply to the left, embracing revolutionary politics.

Looking to a global rebellion

In his last year, Malcolm X became a revolutionary internationalist who was developing ties to the socialist left.

A new world in the making

There is a reason why Malcolm X's words and actions continue to resonate with radicals half a century after his death.

Finding 1954 in 2014

The third African Heritage Delegation to Palestine found conditions more like the Jim Crow South than a 21st century democracy.

The oppressed majority

Many associate the term oppression with discrimination against specific groups, but there is also an oppression suffered by the whole working class.

The passing of three icons

The deaths of three athletes from different sports and eras showed us how they were each trailblazers in their own ways.

Will soccer go on strike?

A possible players' strike in response to greed of the Major League Soccer management could derail the new season.

From lulz to lawmaking

What do the stories of Internet communities like Anonymous and Pirates Bay tell us about political consciousness online?

Fifty shades of mediocrity

What does Fifty Shades of Grey reveal about Hollywood's extremely limited depictions of sex–and what audiences would want?

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