Victims of the terror at a Planned Parenthood clinic are led past police lines

The cruel consequences of anti-abortion hate

The massacre at a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood clinic shows how the right's attack on abortion rights has unleashed a torrent of hate.

Fired up in the Chicago cold

Thousands of people rallied on a cold but festive weeknight evening to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Chicago Teachers Union.

Why Paris' past isn't really past

The terrorist attacks in Paris were called the deadliest violence in France since the war, but that leaves out another terrible massacre.

Water can't be for sale

The co-author of a new book talks about the struggle to democratically control water resources--and its impact on class struggle.

Reforma y revolución

En la lucha colectiva por reformas, la clase obrera se radicaliza y adquiere una idea de su propio poder.

Find out about the activities of the International Socialist Organization
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The History of Black America

Read Socialist Worker's series on the history of the African American struggle in the U.S., from slavery through Jim Crow, civil rights and Black Power, up to the present day.

A cold-blooded police murder

Protesters face lines of police in Chicago after the release of dash-cam video of gruesome murder

The videotaped execution of Laquan McDonald by a Chicago cop is sparking outrage around the world, and days of protests in Chicago.

A racist attack on BLM

Opponents of racism and police violence are speaking out after a shooting by white supremacists left five protesters injured.

On the road for justice

The eruption of protest over a police murder in Minneapolis continues following a highway blockade led to over 50 arrests.

The price for their "free" trade

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is moving closer to passage--and workers on both sides of the Pacific will pay a heavy price if it goes into effect.

Another victim in ICE's war

The detention of a Bronx man after a bogus arrest shows ICE is continuing its draconian enforcement, despite Obama's promises.

We stand with Steven Salaita

The U.S. Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel declares its solidarity with the wrongly fired professor.

I'll always condemn injustice

Personal remedy is meaningless if the conditions that caused my firing remain intact at the University of Illinois and elsewhere.

High-stakes battle in Chicago

Chicago teachers are mobilizing for a new contract against threats of layoffs and budget cuts that would devastate public schools.

Labor's "big bang"?

The struggle for a $15-an-hour minimum wage could be the opportunity to finally revitalize the U.S. labor movement.

Nurses fight for union security

The Washington State Nurses Association picketed a Seattle hospital over demands for a fair contract and "fair share" representation.

Battling Broad's charter attack

United Teachers Los Angeles has a major battle--one with national implications--on its hands over the future of public schools.

On hunger strike in Texas

Dozens of immigrant women in an infamous detention center in Texas are going without food to protest inhumane conditions.

You can't erase IDF crimes

Palestine solidarity activists at University of Texas at Austin disrupted a lecture designed to whitewash Israel's military history.

A day to give thanks?

A drawing depicting the myth of the first Thanksgiving

The myths about the "first Thanksgiving" are meant to sanitize history and turn the conquest of the Americas into a benign national origin story.

The Black Bolsheviks

A century ago, Cyril Briggs founded the African Blood Brotherhood, the foundation for a generation of Black socialists in the U.S.

A life stolen for oil

Twenty years after his state murder, Nigerian activist Ken Saro-Wiwa's fight against environmental exploitation goes on.

Socialism? Like in Sweden?

Two writers examine the model that Bernie Sanders looks to--and conclude that socialism needs to be much more radical.

A working-class troubadour

One hundred years after his murder by the state, we're still celebrating the revolutionary activism and music of Wobbly Joe Hill.

Our climate call will be heard

The movement for ecological justice faces another challenge of making our voices heard at the upcoming United Nations climate summit.

A state of endless war

In response to the Paris attacks, the French government is pursuing the same courses of action that helped spawn terrorism.

On the death of a neighbor

We are going to see how strong the fabric of Takoma Park is--whether we can stand in the name of what Anita Datar believed.

Taking on anti-refugee bigotry

More than 1,000 people raised their voices in Boston to defend Syrian refugees after Republican governors called for denying them entry.

Challenging war and racism

The International Socialist Organization expresses its opposition to the horrific attacks in Paris and to the drive for more war and repression.

Using fear for political gain

Amid the outpouring of solidarity after the Paris attacks, conservative politicians want to know: What do we get out of it?

Our rulers want a blank check

François Hollande and Barack Obama at a celebration of D-Day in France

If we don't challenge the myths and lies of the "war on terror," political leaders have their pretext for spreading violence and shredding civil liberties.

Turning Paris' tragedy into war

Our horror at the carnage that was taking place around us in Paris was compounded by a recognition of what would come next.

Cynically exploiting a tragedy

We stand in solidarity with the victims of Paris--and, at the same time, against the rulers who seek to benefit from this horror.

We won't be manipulated

To "stay woke" after the Paris attacks is an act of conscious resistance against an ugly tide of Islamophobia and bigotry.

The goals of Popular Unity

A Greek socialist lays out the challenges ahead in the face of an austerity government that still speaks in the name of the left.

Save Ashraf Fayadh

A Palestinian refugee poet living in Saudi Arabia has been sentenced to death by a Saudi court for his creative expression.

Genocide ravages the Tamils

The violence against the Tamil population of Sri Lanka has been going on since the 1940s--and continues to this day.

Struggle in the streets of Seoul

South Korea's largest protests since 2008 sent a message of resistance against the government's conservative program.

Thanksgiving double standards

The celebration of a founding myth based on compassion for newcomers rings hollow considering the treatment of Syrian refugees.

A witch-hunt victim's revenge

It's a welcome turn of events when a persecuted communist is the affable hero of a Hollywood movie against McCarthyism.

¡En vivo, desde NY: Un racista!

Cientos de activistas protestaron la aparición de Donald Trump como anfitrión invitado en Saturday Night Live.

Terror, racismo y guerra

La Organización Socialista Internacional expresa su oposición el horrible ataque en París y a los llamados por más guerra y represión.

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