President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner

Heaping insult on injury

Republicans are still raving against Obamacare--but that doesn't change the fact that the Democrats' health care "reform" is a dismal failure.

With a heavy heart over Gaza

An activist remembers a trip he took to a West Bank refugee camp one year after Israel's Operation Cast Lead.

The de Blasio balance sheet

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio came into office on a wave of progressive hope. After six months, what has he accomplished?

A crossroads in Morocco

A resistance movement is fighting back in Morocco against corporate development and pillaging of resources.

Poor people: Use rear the door

Why would a Manhattan building with a separate, rear entrance for low-income people--a "poor door"--receive city subsidies?

Locking the poor out

A new plan punishes public-housing residents by raising rents as an incentive to work--whether or not there are jobs available.

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Sharon Smith writes in the latest issue of the International Socialist Review on "Women's liberation: The Marxist tradition." For that and more articles on socialist theory and practice, go to the website.

Made victims twice over

Sending youth refugees back to the countries they're fleeing ignores the causes of their migration--in particular, U.S. policies.

The West Bank rises up

Israel's onslaught against Gaza has been met in the West Bank by some of the largest and most militant protests in more than a decade.

Standing against the generals

A now-imprisoned member of Egypt's Revolutionary Socialists talks about the challenges facing the Egyptian left.

Why is India courting Israel?

According to the government of Narendra Modi, maintaining a relationship with Israel is worth a few wounded Indian protesters.

Casualties in a civil war

Both the U.S. and Russia are guilty of fueling the violence in Ukraine that set the stage for the downing of a passenger plane.

The refugees are welcome here

Texans for immigrant rights rally in McAllen  (Human Rights Coalition of South Texas)

Activists are mobilizing across the Southwest to confront anti-immigrant groups and counter their message of hate.

Still seeking justice for Rodney

The state of Texas has set an execution date for an innocent man, but Rodney Reed's family and supporters are on the march.

A flood of Palestine solidarity

The scenes of devastation from Gaza are moving more people to speak out--from street protests to statements of solidarity and conscience.

Capitalism's first world war

The First World War, which began 100 years ago, proved to be a decisive turning point for humankind--and for its socialist movement.

Roots of a rank-and-file revolt

Half a century ago, labor activist Stan Weir identified the sources of militancy and radicalism among rank-and-file unionists.

Nuestra Opinión

La frontera es anti-obrera

La "frontera segura" significará más sufrimiento, no sólo para los inmigrantes, sino para todos los trabajadores.

Forzados a un viaje peligroso

Es una imputación a la política del gobierno estadounidense que miles de jóvenes y niños inmigrantes sean tratados como criminales e indeseables.

Labor must stand for Gaza

Labor for Palestine is calling on unions in the U.S. to speak out against Israel's war on Gaza and the U.S. support for Israel.

Tech and the left

It's important to take stock of the growing digital workforce and what it means for Marxist theory and socialist practice.

Why resistance is justified

Gazans march in a funeral procession for a victim of Israel's war

Those who support Palestinian self-determination must challenge Israel's justifications for war--and that means setting the record straight about Hamas.

How can we protect clinics?

Since the Supreme Court's ruling against buffer zones, reproductive rights activists are debating how to stop the right.

Freedom of religion for whom?

The double standards of the U.S. and its allies are a prime factor in the suffering of people of all religions in the Middle East.

Israel and counterrevolution

The slaughter being carried out in Gaza by the Israeli military is connected to the counterrevolution sweeping the Arab world.

The NFL silence about violence

With its non-punishment of Ray Rice, the NFL is sending a message that the worth of women is at best negligible.

Crimes committed in our name

As Jews of conscience, we do not condone the apartheid regime of Israel, nor the occupation of Palestine.

Israel doesn't speak for us

As Jews of conscience, we unequivocally condemn Israel's ongoing massacre against the Palestinian people of Gaza.

Standing up to the NYPD

In May 2013, two leaders of the fight against police violence in New York City talked with SW about the challenges of the struggle.

A call to arms for our schools

Badass Teachers Association leads a march for education justice in Washington, D.C.

Mark Naison's Badass Teachers Unite! provides a full-throated defense of public education--and a vision to change it.

Defending our clinics in Boston

For some women, the right to an abortion is becoming meaningless because they're prevented from actually gaining access.

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