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November 2, 2001 | Issue 382


This child is not a terrorist
Stop this slaughter!
Washington politicians say that the U.S. war on Afghanistan isn't against the people of Afghanistan. Tell that to Mauroof. U.S. bombers killed more than 20 people on October 21 in the village of Torai--and ten of the dead were his relatives.

Corporations use crisis as excuse to slash jobs
Layoffs USA
Layoffs announced this year have already exceeded the levels of the 1990-91 recession. Much of the rise in joblessness has been blamed on the September 11 attacks, but job losses were mounting long before, as the U.S. sank into recession.

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Kurt Vonnegut on the socialists who fought for workers
Celebrating socialism in the U.S.
Kurt Vonnegut is one of America's best-known novelists. In October, Vonnegut was given the Carl Sandburg Literary Award from the Friends of the Chicago Public Library--and used his acceptance speech to discuss Sandburg's commitment to socialism.

U.S. war threatens to set off a...
Powder keg
Some of the most authoritarian and corrupt regimes in the Middle East are the U.S. government's favored allies in the "war against terrorism." U.S. support for these butchers and despots could unleash popular uprisings throughout the Middle East and Central Asia.

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Washington's class war: From anthrax to tax cuts
Protecting their own
When anthrax was discovered in mail sent to the U.S. Capitol, police dogs were tested for infection and the House of Representatives voted itself a week off. But postal workers were told to carry on as usual--until two died from the inhalation form of the disease.

From hype to horrors
"Is this baby a Taliban fighter?" That was the caption that Akhbar el Yom, one of Egypt's biggest newspapers, gave to a photo showing an Afghan child whose family was killed by U.S. bombs. The comment captured the growing anger with Washington's war on Afghanistan as its true cost is exposed.

Rolling back our rights
"Rare are the moments in American history when a Congress has surrendered so many cherished freedoms in a single trip to the altar of immediate fear." That was what reporter John Nichols wrote in the Nation magazine after George W. Bush signed "antiterrorism" legislation into law.

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Refugees flee from U.S. bombs
Making of a catastrophe
"Afghanistan is slowly falling apart." That's what Abdul Wali, an Afghan from the southern city of Kandahar, told a reporter last week as he and his family fled U.S. air strikes in Afghanistan.

Pentagon's weapon of mass terror
The cluster bomb has become the U.S. military's latest weapon of choice in Afghanistan.

Top care for lawmakers while postal workers die
A double standard about anthrax
Members of Congress were whisked out of Capitol buildings and given a battery of tests after anthrax spores were detected in an envelope addressed to Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle (D-Mo.). But at the Brentwood Road post office that sorts the mail that goes to Capitol Hill, workers were told to keep working.

News from our movement
Police attack antiwar march
Police used batons and pepper spray to attack an antiwar demonstration of more than 200 students and peace activists in Hartford, Conn., on October 26.

They're behind bars for being Arabs
Of the more than 900 people arrested in connection with the investigation into September 11, not one has been criminally charged in the attacks. But now one has died--behind bars in a New Jersey jail cell.

Exposed to deadly chemicals
Thousands of people who work at the site of the World Trade Center are exposed every day to deadly chemicals.


Why we oppose all U.S. interventions
"So what should the U.S. do?" Most opponents of the U.S. government's war on Afghanistan have been asked this question. If the bombing campaign is only causing more misery and making the crisis worse, then what do we propose?

Politicians can't handle the truth
Since there's been a lot of talk about "days of infamy" lately, let me propose one: November 7, 2000. That was the day that a man who lost the national presidential election by more than half a million votes began plotting to steal the White House.

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U.S. government opposes terror...except its own
Bush's hypocrisy
The politicians and media might be fooling some people into blindly backing their phony war on "terrorism," but they're not fooling everybody. Out on Long Island, one group of activists recently turned the tables on George W. Bush and his fellow militarists by exposing how the U.S. government regularly uses terrorism to advance its own interests.

Stand up and be heard
The right-wing media and politicians are claiming that the Madison, Wis., School Board is "unpatriotic" because it "banned the Pledge of Allegiance."

Other letters

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Reformers build support for Rank and File Power slate
Get out the vote for Leedham
Supporters of Tom Leedham's Rank and File Power slate are noticing a shift of opinion away from James P. Hoffa in this rematch election.

CEO Goodwin forced out, but the attacks continue
Unions face battle at United
Little more than a month after the September hijackings of two of its jets, United Airlines declared its own war: against its workers. An IAM member and furloughed engine inspector at United reports on the challenge facing unions at the company.

Help defend the Charleston Five
An evening rally at the courthouse here will be followed by an International Day of Action November 14 when the Charleston Five go to trial.

Labor in Brief

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Abolish the death penalty
Dozens of people attended meetings in four cities organized by the Campaign to End the Death Penalty to publicize the cases of the Death Row 10--Illinois death row prisoners who were tortured by Chicago police.

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Heroes of the Warsaw Ghetto
You don't usually find the hidden history of people's struggles portrayed on major television networks--so when it happens, you don't want to miss it. Uprising! is a beautiful movie about the little-known 1943 revolt of the Warsaw Ghetto.

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