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We can't be scared into keeping quiet

November 9, 2001 | Page 4

Dear Socialist Worker,

I think I may have been the victim of a terrorist attack. A few weeks back, I came home from an antiwar protest to find that my truck had been burned to the ground.

There's no real way to tell who did it or why, but it looks pretty bad. It might have been just a stupid prank, but I live only one block away from a police station.

The arson detective seems to think that it was a calculated attack. Witnesses saw someone break the window to throw in a light, and gasoline had been poured all over the truck.

I was inspired by the letter from Madison, Wis., in last week's Socialist Worker, where the writer talked about making antiwar arguments to a difficult audience.

We have to recognize the will that the other side has to silence us. We should play it safe by leaving protests in groups, for example.

But speaking out now, even when it's unpopular, can make us a pole of attraction as more people become opposed to the war. That can make all the difference in the lives of the people that Washington has in its sights.

It's worth some sacrifices.

Chuck Stemke, San Diego

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