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Portland, Ore., Bush protest

By Paul Dean | January 11, 2002 | Page 10

PORTLAND, Ore.--More than 500 people demonstrated against President Bush last weekend. The demonstration was organized with only a few days' notice when the visit was announced.

Because Oregon's unemployment is 7.4 percent, Bush chose to give a speech about unemployment nationally. Though he shed some crocodile tears in front of his invited audience, it's little comfort for those laid off by Freightliner, Boeing or the many high-tech companies around Portland. Like many across the country, Oregon workers have put up with cuts in pay and benefits to keep bosses' profits up.

Chanting "We didn't like your dad, and we don't like you," protesters had to face aggressive cops clad in riot gear and a military helicopter hovering above. The protesters also addressed the U.S. war on Afghanistan, health care and unemployment.

But Bush made clear that his idea of helping the unemployed doesn't go beyond tax cuts for the rich and bombs for the poor of other countries.

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