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Relatives of 9/11 victims say:
Don't use our grief to justify your war

By Aaron Hess and Alan Maass | January 25, 2002 | Page 2

RELATIVES OF victims of the September 11 air attacks are in Afghanistan to meet people whose family members died in George W. Bush's war.

The visit exposes the U.S. government's claim that it's bringing those responsible for September 11 to justice. Though their message has been censored from the mainstream media, these relatives say that they don't want their grief used an excuse for war.

The group arrived in Kabul last week, where they met the Amiri family, whose daughter Nazila was killed in a U.S. air strike on October 17. All of the Amiri's savings went for the funeral, the New Zealand Herald reported, "and they now live hand to mouth, facing eviction because of unpaid rent."

Among the U.S. group is Kelly Campbell, whose brother-in-law Craig Amundson died in the attack on the Pentagon. Craig's wife, Amber Amundson, has spoken out courageously against Bush's war. At a rally in December that followed a peace walk from Washington to New York, Amber said: "It's not always easy. But a lot of people can see that the bombing has nothing to do with justice."

"Can a cluster bomb ever bring justice?" she asked Socialist Worker. "I always tell people: I'm here because my husband believed in peace. If he knew that his death was going to be used to kill innocent people in Afghanistan or anywhere else, he would've been horrified."

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