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Protest Bush

By Gina Sartori | January 25, 2002 | Page 10

BOSTON--More than 150 protesters came to expose George W. Bush's war on terrorism and his joke of an education plan when he visited here last week.

Bush came to Boston Latin--one of the oldest and best-funded public schools in the country--to sell his "No Child Left Behind Act." Starting in the 2004-5 school year, Bush wants to test all students in third through eighth grades in reading and math.

If schools fail to make progress in five years, they have to reorganize or lose federal funding. If they don't improve in six years, they would be re-staffed.

Protesters shouted "Testing, testing, who's to blame? Kennedy and Bush are the same!" and held signs that read, "Teach peace, not war!"

Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.) did everything but drool on Bush and his education plan. "We figured out how to put our parties aside and focus on what's right for the American children," said Kennedy. He presented Bush with a signed copy of the Declaration of Independence as a token of his appreciation for Bush's hard work.

"I wish you could have seen this piece of legislation," Bush told Boston Latin students. "It's really tall. And I admit I haven't read it yet. You'll be happy to hear I don't intend to."

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