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Protest in Washington, D.C. n April 19-21
Stop the IMF and World Bank!

March 8, 2002 | Page 4

GLOBAL JUSTICE protesters who marched against the bosses' World Economic Forum summit in New York City were right to declare: "They are Enron, we are Argentina."

In April, we have another opportunity to show our solidarity with the struggle in Argentina. The Mobilization for Global Justice in Washington, D.C., last week issued a call for demonstrations against the IMF and World Bank--the international financial institutions responsible for free-market disasters like Argentina's--during their annual spring meetings on the weekend of April 19-21.

That same weekend, School of the Americas Watch is planning a demonstration against Plan Colombia, and the National Youth and Student Peace Coalition has called an antiwar demonstration.

The fact that these organizations are working together for protests to challenge both the military and economic faces of U.S. dominance is a step forward for both the global justice and antiwar movements.

Activists now have a focus for organizing over the coming months. We need to begin building locally to turn out as many people as possible for April 19-21.

It's time to send a message to Washington.

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