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Saying no to their cutbacks

April 12, 2002 | Page 4

Dear Socialist Worker,

Students, faculty and campus workers recently were shaken to hear that tuition is being raised by $220 and that four faculty members are scheduled to be "retrenched" at Fulton-Montgomery Community College in New York.

This week, 15 students and I hit the hallways to announce a meeting against the tuition increases and layoffs. Approximately 150 students came for the meeting--only to find that we were locked out of the theater. The crowd, determined to have their meeting, went to the cafeteria, chanting "Whose school? Our school!"

Students decided to speak with the college president. About one-third of the students walked into the administration building--at which point the vice president ran toward the door and blocked it like a linebacker. One student was arrested after being pushed by the vice president.

The only way to prevent the tuition hike and layoffs is for the entire college community to unite and take the administration head-on.

Steven Gottlieb, Johnstown, N.Y.

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