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Iraq in the crosshairs

April 26, 2001 | Pages 6 and 7

George W. Bush is whipping up his "axis of evil" rhetoric again. In this special feature, SW reports on the consequences of the decade-old U.S. war on Iraq--and the nightmare to come if Bush gets away with making Iraq the next target on his "war on terror" hit list.

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The terrible toll of a decade-old U.S. war
Ever since the U.S. air war on Afghanistan ended, the Bush gang has made it clear that their "war against terror" is headed for Baghdad. But this will be only the latest phase in a U.S. war on Iraq that has lasted more than a decade.

Denis Halliday on a decade of UN sanctions:
"The Iraqi people are still paying the price"
Denis Halliday resigned in 1998 as United Nations coordinator of humanitarian aid for Iraq to protest the devastating toll of economic sanctions. He talks about the impact of a new U.S. war on Iraq.

Washington's hypocrisy over weapons
What country stockpiles nuclear, chemical and biological weapons, but refuses to allow international inspections of its facilities? George W. Bush and friends want you to believe the answer is Iraq. But the right answer is closer to home.

When the U.S. gave Iraq germ weapons
The U.S. wasn't always opposed to Saddam Hussein having chemical weapons.

The goons and crooks that Bush backs
The U.S. is accepting job applications--for the position of dictator of Iraq. The frontrunners are crooks and war criminals.

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