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April 26, 2002 | Issue 404


Justice for Palestinians!
Israel's war crime
The nightmare in the Jenin refugee camp is the work of the Israeli government and its homicidal Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. But the U.S. government is also to blame--for supplying the weaponry and equipment that laid waste to Jenin and for supporting Israel even as it carried out its slaughter.

"Bush buys the bullets, Sharon pulls the trigger"
Standing up against war
Protesters took to the streets of Washington, D.C., and other cities on April 20 to send a message to George W. Bush: We say no to your war machine!


Iraq in the crosshairs
George W. Bush is whipping up his "axis of evil" rhetoric again. In this special feature, SW reports on the consequences of the decade-old U.S. war on Iraq--and the nightmare to come if Bush gets away with making Iraq the next target on his "war on terror" hit list.

Ten years after the Los Angeles Rebellion
No justice, no peace!
Everyone interested in social justice should remember the LA rebellion as an inspiring example of working-class people refusing to be treated like animals--an upheaval in which, as left-wing writer Mike Davis put it, "a generation found that it can fight back."

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April 20 protests show a renewed opposition to Bush's wars
A big step forward
The big turnouts for antiwar demonstrations on April 20 broke through the media blackout on opposition to Bush's war machine and its ally Israel.

Behind the Nazi Le Pen's success
The success of Nazi Jean-Marie Le Pen in the first round of France's presidential election last weekend left people around the world in shock.

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Workplace ergonomics program is "voluntary"
Bush's present to Corporate America
The Bush administration gave Corporate America another gift at workers' expense when it released its "plan" to reduce workplace injuries cause by repetitive stress.

From Camp X-Ray to 9/11 detainees…
White House war on human rights
The Bush administration has gone to war on civil liberties and human rights--at home and abroad.

Anti-abortionists' new attack
The anti-choice bigots are at it again. On April 17, the U.S. House approved a bill that would make it a crime for anyone other than a parent or legal guardian to take a woman under 17-years-old across state lines so she could obtain an abortion.

The poor get audits and the rich go free
As if scraping by at a minimum-wage job weren't humiliation enough, the working poor get treated to added punishment at tax time.

Feds under fire over Native trust funds
The media are so busy cheerleading George W. bush's "war on terrorism" that they hardly noticed that Interior Secretary Gale Norton is on trial for contempt of court.

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General strike against Berlusconi's attack
"The country has come to a stop"
Italy was shut down by a general strike April 16 that involved some 13 million workers who are fighting anti-labor legislation.

Will U.S. role in the coup be exposed?
The Bush administration was scrambling last week to counter accusations that it was a "partner" in the coup that briefly toppled Venezuelan leader Hugo Chávez Frias.

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A creative way to define democracy
People all over Latin America had to let out a hearty laugh when they heard National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice lecture Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez about his post-coup need to "uphold constitutional principles."

Should we be "voting with our dollars"?
A common idea among people who consider themselves radical opponents of the system is that we're all partly to blame for the way capitalism works--because we consume too much or don't buy from "socially conscious" companies.

Can't keep up with the coups
When you're the world superpower, it's difficult to stay up to date on the coups that you help to orchestrate--especially when they don't succeed.

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"Sometimes you have to fight for what you need"
LA school bus drivers strike
School bus drivers in Los Angeles are in the fourth week of a bitter strike against Laidlaw Education Services, which provides half the bus service for the Los Angeles Unified School District.

United out for concessions--again
United Airlines is demanding concessions from unions just weeks after signing a contract granting mechanics a big raise.

Labor in brief
LA teachers; Verizon; Group Health Insurance; International Windows Company

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Justice for Palestinians!
Chanting "Free, free Palestine," some 4,000 protesters gathered outside a Washington, D.C., hotel April 22 where high-level U.S. and Israeli officials had gathered to cheer on Israel's ongoing war.

City University of New York
The battle over budget cuts to the City University of New York system was heating up as Socialist Worker went to press.

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There's no middle ground in Israel's racist war
We stand with Palestinians
Yves Coleman's letter to the editor (SW, April 19) accuses SW of fueling anti-Semitism for quoting an Israeli officer who called for the Israeli military to study the tactics used by the German army in the Warsaw Ghetto. I would wager that his real argument is not about anti-Semitism.

We can't let Bush trample immigrant rights
In January 1941, President Franklin Roosevelt ordered the mass removal of 110,000 citizens and noncitizen immigrants of Japanese origin, following the bombing of the U.S. naval base in Pearl Harbor. Now we're doing the same thing 61 years later--to Muslims and people of Arab descent.

SW exposes the media's lies
Congratulations on 25 years of publishing the best left-wing newspaper in the U.S.

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From September 11 to Bush's war
The stack of post-September 11 books that hit bookstores last month reflect the wide variety of views that emerged after the attack--ranging from suspicion of U.S. war aims, to progressive proposals on how to "deal with" the terrorists, to support for the war.

Fighting for living wages at Harvard
The movie Occupation documents the three-week student occupation and mass demonstrations at Harvard University last April that won more than 2,000 university workers living wages.

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