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More May Day suggestions

May 17, 2002 | Page 4

Dear Socialist Worker,

Your recent review of books and movies to celebrate May Day (SW, May 3) left out a few excellent films that I feel offer rich and inspiring views of workers and oppressed people in struggle. Two films by Ken Loach come to mind: Land and Freedom and Bread and Roses.

Land and Freedom is a beautifully made political film about the Spanish Civil War. Bread and Roses follows the travails of an immigrant woman as she struggles for dignity by organizing a union in her workplace. It's based on the Justice for Janitors campaign in Los Angeles.

Another good movie is the made-for-TV film Harlan County War, which stars Holly Hunter. Harlan County War dramatizes the fight to organize a coal mine in Kentucky.

John Kirkland, Trenton, N.J.

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