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Assault on the environment

July 5, 2002 | Pages 6 and 7

SINCE THE day he took office, the Toxic Texan has taken an ax to environmental regulations and directed his administration to give every advantage to corporate polluters. As usual, when the environment gets wrecked for profit, ordinary people suffer the consequences.

Bush does the bidding of big business
Limits on arsenic in drinking water, controls on the use of toxic chemicals, the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act--all of this and more is on the Bush administration's environmental hit list.

Are we consuming too much?
Are working people to blame for the environmental crisis? This is a common idea put forward by environmentalists--that everyone in the industrialized world is guilty of wrecking the environment because we lead wasteful lives and consume too much.

"Capitalism can't solve these problems"
John Bellamy Foster is co-editor of Monthly Review and author of The Vulnerable Planet, Marx's Ecology and Ecology against Capitalism. He spoke to Socialist Worker at the Socialism 2002 conference in June.

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