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Reports from the struggle

December 13, 2002 | Page 14

Another world is possible

By Steve Leigh

SEATTLE--Some 500 people marched in downtown Seattle to oppose Bush's war on Iraq and corporate globalization on November 30. The march was a commemoration of the "Battle in Seattle"--the protest of more than 50,000 people that shut down the meeting of the World Trade Organization (WTO) in Seattle in 1999.

This year, the rally focussed on opposing the coming war on Iraq and continuing opposition to the WTO, International Monetary Fund and World Bank. These institutions impose poverty on people throughout the world through tax cuts for the rich, deregulation of industry, slashing of social programs and privatization of government services.

The marchers pointed out that Bush imposes this on the U.S. as well and enforces it abroad using the U.S. military to back up pro-corporate economic policies.

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Stop the Nazis

By Alana Smith

LEWISTON, Maine--City officials granted a permit to white supremacist organizations planning to hold a rally here January 11.

Lewiston has been targeted by the National Alliance and the World Church of the Creator--both neo-Nazi groups--ever since Lewiston Mayor Larry Raymond wrote an open letter to the town's large Somali community. In his letter, Raymond "requested" that the Somali community not encourage any more immigration to the town because of the supposed financial strain.

City officials say that these hate groups have a constitutional right to rally. In fact, officials moved the rally from the local community center to the Lewiston Armory--a much larger venue--because hundreds of people are expected to attend.

The National Alliance has already begun spreading racism in Lewiston by distributing flyers that say, "Somalians: Savage People from a Savage Place" and "When American-Haters Become Americans."

Already, antiracist forces are organizing an opposition to this hatred. "The National Alliance is working to target tensions resulting from the lack of housing and jobs in the town onto the Somali population," reported Maine IndyMedia.

Only by joining together in struggle can the fight for our jobs, our homes and our health care be won. When the mayor wrote his open letter to Lewiston's Somali residents, people took to the streets in protest. Now, we have to make sure that an even larger and more diverse group of antiracists stands up to the Nazis in January.

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