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February 14, 2003 | Issue 440


Time to stand up
Stop the war!
Bush is determined to get his war on Iraq--no matter what the cost. But around the world, millions of people are preparing to march this weekend in New York City, San Francisco and literally hundreds of other cities.

Bush steals from the poor to give to the superrich
Robin Hood in reverse
Does anyone remember when Bush campaigned for president claiming to be a compassionate conservative? Bush's new budget is all conservative and no compassion.

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U.S. lies exposed
The case against Powell's case for war
Secretary of State Colin Powell marched into the United Nations Security Council to make the U.S. government's case for a war on Iraq--and served up a pack of distortions, wild speculation and outright lies. Socialist Worker picks apart his "evidence."

The fight against Papa Bush's Gulf War
The media and the history books have hidden the horrors of the first Gulf War. But then again, they've also hidden the fact that there was a mass antiwar movement in 1991.

The growing opposition among workers
Labor's voice against the war on Iraq
More and more working people are turning against Bush's war on Iraq--both individually, and together, through their unions and organizations. Michael Letwin, co-convener of New York City Labor Against War, talks to SW about the struggle ahead.

Amid a world of horrors…
The fight for a new society
We live in a world that puts profits and power before people's lives. But there is an alternative: socialism, which is based on the idea that we should use the vast resources of society to meet people's needs.

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The rising resistance
The antiwar movement will reach a new milestone at demonstrations in New York City and San Francisco this weekend--showing more clearly than ever the scale of the growing opposition to Bush's war on Iraq.

The bullied and the bought off
U.S. officials are working overtime to manipulate, browbeat or bribe enough world leaders to rig a vote for a war on Iraq in the UN Security Council. But so far, it hasn't worked.

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Attorney general demands increased death sentences
John Ashcroft's race to execute
Ashcroft is laying down the law: Execute, execute, execute. In less than two years, Bush's attorney general has forced federal prosecutors to seek the death penalty in at least 28 cases where they hadn't requested it.

New York cop lies about Central Park case
Smearing the innocent
The NYPD and their friends in the media are determined to smear the five African American youth who were wrongfully convicted in the 1989 Central Park joggers' case.

Tom DeLay's war on unions
When it comes to waging war on workers at home, House Majority Leader Tom DeLay figures it's time to go nuclear.

Putting a nuclear reactor into space
Few mainstream newspapers have mentioned a Bush administration scheme that would have turned the Columbia space shuttle disaster into a catastrophe.

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Are the politicians answerable to us?
Despite a large and growing antiwar movement in the U.S. and around the world, the Bush administration seems as determined as ever to go to war. This poses a basic question: Does Bush have to listen to those who speak out against war?

Getting the war they wanted
Of the hundreds of lies the Bush administration has used to justify war in Iraq, the biggest of all is the notion that the U.S. wants to avoid war. The fact is that this war has been on the drawing board for years.

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USWA stands by as 95,000 lose medical coverage
Steel retirees get shafted
Some 95,000 retirees at bankrupt Bethlehem Steel are set to lose health care benefits March 31--and their union isn't lifting a finger to fight it.

What's wrong with the freight deal
Has the International Brotherhood of Teamsters given up on its historic base in the freight industry? That question was in the air when Teamsters President James Hoffa announced a tentative deal in the National Master Freight Agreement.

A letter from rank-and-file Teamsters
Opposing Hoffa's support for war
We are outraged to learn that our president, James Hoffa, has joined with war hawks like Newt Gingrich and Richard Perle to form the Committee for the Liberation of Iraq.

New York City day care workers
Day care workers who have been without a contract for more than two years were set to hold a one-day strike on February 12.

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Say no to Bush's war on Iraq
New York City antiwar activists were working around the clock making final preparations for the February 15 demonstration against war on Iraq--as part of a day of protest in cities across Europe and the U.S.

University of Maryland
More than 35 students and workers gathered to fight the cuts that University of Maryland administrators have been laying on the backs of students and workers alike.

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The cruel choices facing California teachers
Upside-down priorities
I want to tell you about how the state and local budget crises are already affecting our schools in San Francisco--even before the real details of the cuts have been announced.

Murdered by the Israeli army
On October 11, 2002, as Shaden Abu-Hijleh sat on the front porch of her house in Nablus on the West Bank in occupied Palestine, embroidering a dress while her husband Jamal--a physician--picked spice leaves, an Israeli army patrol stopped and opened fire on them without warning.

Letters to the editor
What the real state of the union looks like; Money for books, not for U.S. bombs; Mandela blasts Bush's war; I have no sympathy for drivers of SUVs

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Movie exposes Australia's racist policies
Following a fence to freedom
Rabbit-Proof Fence is a powerful film based on the true story of three aboriginal girls' fight against the racist forced assimilation policies of the Australian government.

Waging the fight for dignity in the fields
In the book The Human Cost of Food, farmworkers and labor advocates expose the insidious underbelly of the U.S. agriculture industry.

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