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Getting ready to send a message

March 7, 2003 | Page 2

ANTIWAR ACTIVISTS are preparing for protest actions across the country if the U.S. starts a war on Iraq. In New York City, demonstrators will meet in Times Square at 5 p.m. after the bombing begins. In Chicago, activists plan to gather at Federal Plaza at 5 p.m. Students from several campuses, including the University of Illinois, are making plans to walk out of classes and encourage others to join them.

Every campus and city should make plans now for an emergency response when the war begins--and tell George W. Bush: No blood for oil!

Labor against war

U.S. Labor Against the War (USLAW) is calling on all unions and unionists opposed to Bush's war to engage in workplace antiwar activities on March 12. USLAW suggestions for activities include leafleting, wearing antiwar buttons, distributing bumper stickers, and holding lunchtime meetings and discussions, and meetings at union halls. For information, see on the Web.

CIA off campus!

At Columbia University in New York City, members of the Columbia Antiwar Coalition gathered February 27 to protest "CIA Day" on campus. Several activists attended a walk-in information session with CIA recruiters and asked them questions, such as "How many coups have you participated in?"

One recruiter responded: "You know, the CIA hasn't been involved in as many coups as you would think. Guatemala '53, that was us. And Iran, and Iraq. But Chile, you know, that was all Pinochet. We had wanted things to go in that direction, but he took care of it first."

Protesters also attended the CIA's employer presentation that evening and handed out official-looking brochures that detailed the CIA's long history of covert intervention. There are plans for more protests when the CIA returns to campus March 14.

Laura Durkay contributed to this report.

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