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April 11, 2003 | Issue 448


U.S. war crimes
The horror they won't show
Bush's war has produced horror stories of violence and mayhem throughout Iraq. And they are being hidden from us--by politicians and Pentagon brass, and their media mouthpieces, all peddling lies about a war to "liberate" the Iraqi people.

Worst job outlook in 20 years
Jobless in Bush's America
The war-saturated media may not be paying attention, but millions of people are getting desperate in their search for a job--any job.

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Washington's tide of pro-war propaganda hides...
The savage face of conquest
Tank-led columns of U.S. forces roar through Baghdad, apparently at will. Yet even when the war is officially over, the occupation is likely to look little different.

U.S. plan for a "liberated" Iraq
Imagine an oil-rich Middle Eastern regime ruled by a military dictator who hands out lucrative rewards to a tiny circle of crony capitalists. That's Bush's plan for a "liberated" Iraq.

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Unraveling the U.S. war lies
Every ruling class--including its bought-and-paid-for politicians and its media--is adept at turning the truth on its head, especially in times of war.

Pumping out propaganda
The U.S. military has a message for journalists covering the war on Iraq: It's our way or the highway.

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Protesters injured by rubber bullets
Oakland cops' brutal attack
Police in Oakland, Calif., shot wooden bullets and tossed concussion grenades at peaceful antiwar protesters and union dockworkers, injuring several people in a confrontation April 7.

Student marchers demand "books not bombs"
On April 5, students in several cities took part in protests against the war in Iraq, demanding "Books Not Bombs!" The largest of the protests, called by the national Campus Antiwar Network, took place in Oakland, Calif., where 15,000 people turned out.

The alternative to Bush and Blair
Anthony Arnove, editor of the book Iraq Under Siege, who recently returned from an antiwar speaking tour in England and Scotland, talks about the state of the British antiwar movement.

Musicians take on Bush's war on Iraq
Music to our ears
Today, as Bush carries out a brutal war against the Iraqi people, many musicians are being moved to raise their voices against this war and the administration carrying it out.

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The soldiers who fight Washington's wars
Cannon fodder and guinea pigs
Bush supports the troops--as long as they're fighting his war for oil, that is. The U.S. government treats its soldiers, as one Vietnam veteran put it, like "no-deposit, no-return bottles."

A look at the twisted priorities of Washington's war machine
Guns vs. butter
"If you have to pay for guns," says House Speaker Dennis Hastert, "you can't pay for all the butter." SW pulls together the facts about spending on the U.S. military machine.

Pentagon maniacs and Corporate America plot...
The postwar carve-up
It's no surprise that the Bush administration--filled with officials drawn from the ranks of Corporate America--would approach the occupation of Iraq like corporate executives.

Reading between the pro-war polls
Opinion polls show that about 70 percent of Americans supported the war in Iraq two weeks after it began--a surge of support compared to polls taken before the war. What happened?

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Racist attacks target Arabs and Muslims
War casualties at home
The casualties of the U.S. war on Iraq don't live only in Iraq. Since the start of the war, Arabs and Muslims across the country have been the victims in a rash of racist attacks.

Feds pull out all stops in Al-Arian case
Sami Al-Arian and three other detained men appeared before a federal magistrate to request bail--and prosecutors pulled out all the stops to convince the judge to keep the men behind bars indefinitely.

Making protest a crime
Legislators in Oregon will be voting on a bill that expands the definition of terrorism to include forms of political protest.

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Behind new killer disease in Asia
A frightening new epidemic--SARS--has broken out in Asia while U.S. media attention was focused on the war on Iraq.

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Chicago janitors vote to approve a new contract with solid gains
"Only by protesting will they listen"
On April 6, the day their contract expired, Chicago janitors voted to accept a new contract with wage increases and improvements in their health care coverage.

Labor in brief
New York City health care; Columbia graduate students; New York City teachers against the war

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Defend affirmative action
As many as 50,000 protesters rallied at the U.S. Supreme Court on April 1 to send a message to Bush: "We demand affirmative action!"

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Politicians' dismal failure in addressing poverty
Welfare "reform" hell
I recently attended a local conference, where a workshop entitled "Welfare Reform Issues" gave a very informative, detailed and horrifying glimpse into the realities of one of our shredded social safety nets.

Why we have to stand up to anti-gay bigots
I am gay, out and proud of who I am. But even if I wasn't, there is no place in this world for the type of ignorance I faced recently to exist or be tolerated without a challenge.

Other letters
Red-baiting only hurts the struggle; Inspiration for the fight ahead; We can't "support our troops"; Where is Socialist Worker's solidarity?

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