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May 2, 2003 | Issue 451


On Iraq...At home...
Stop Bush's wars
While the U.S. was finding new ways to humiliate Iraqis, the real looters were just arriving--Washington's military and corporate kingpins. And back at home, Bush's rich pals were lining up at a different trough.

After decades of struggle...
Navy pushed out of Vieques
The people of Vieques have won an important victory over the U.S. Navy. After six decades of struggle, the Navy was forced to abandon Vieques.


After the victory in Iraq
Can the U.S. be stopped?
For opponents of the war, the U.S. victory over Iraq poses a stark question. What force is powerful enough to challenge Washington? Socialist Worker looks at how U.S. power was defeated in the past--and what the future holds for the U.S. occupation of Iraq.

The looting of Iraq's oil wealth begins
Bush is calling for the immediate lifting of UN sanctions that have killed more than 1 million Iraqis. But the U.S. is worried about the well-being of Iraq's oil industry, not its people.

U.S. claims about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction
Lies they told to get their war
The U.S. claimed to be going to war because of weapons of mass destruction that it knew Saddam Hussein possessed, yet it couldn't produce any evidence. More than a month after the invasion, there's still no evidence.


Washington tolerates no opposition to its military rule
Iraq's new dictators
"The Iraqi people will choose their own leaders," Bush declared April 28. Unless they're opposed to the U.S. occupation, that is.

New phase of the antiwar struggle
Every reason for standing up against the U.S. war on Iraq has been proven correct. But the corporate media's abysmal coverage of the war has distorted these facts for millions, which is why many people--even those who protested the war--now have a mix of ideas.


Afghan war prisoners
U.S. holding children at Camp X-Ray
U.S. military officials admitted last week that they were imprisoning three children between 13 and 15 years old as "enemy combatants" at the U.S. prison camp in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba.

Bush gets behind Santorum
Republicans back up a bigot
Just when the memory of Trent Lott's racist filth was starting to fade, Sen. Rick Santorum reminds us what vile bigots the Republicans are.

White House favors for corporate polluters
War on the environment
While the Bush administration was carrying out its war on Iraq abroad, its henchmen were organizing a quiet war on the environment at home.


Government lurches into action after ignoring the deadly epidemic
How the SARS crisis spread
As the worldwide death toll from SARS passed 330 this week, the epicenter of the crisis moved from Hong Kong and southern China to the capital of Beijing.

How Menem came out on top
In an election marked by a lackluster campaign and low voter turnout, former Argentine President Carlos Menem won the first round of a special presidential vote.

Government orders expulsion of activists
For more than two years, the Israel Defense Force has used violence and intimidation to crush the Palestinian resistance. Now, Israel wants to make sure that there aren't any witnesses to document its terror.


How the labor movement won the battle for the eight-hour day
The story of Haymarket
Five innocent men were hung on charges of setting off an explosion at a labor rally in Haymarket Square in Chicago on May 4, 1886. But the only crime of the Haymarket martyrs was leading the fight for the eight-hour day.

Can reforms alone win socialism?
Historically, the main divide in the socialist movement has been between reformists and revolutionaries.


Labor gives American Airlines $1.8 billion in concessions
Givebacks won't end crisis
Are airline workers' wages to blame for the industry's crisis? That's the claim of the industry's CEOs--and, judging by the latest union concessions at American Airlines, labor leaders agree.

On the picket line
Labor Notes conference; Tyson Foods; New York City budget cuts; Oakland dockworkers; SEIU Local 32BJ; D.C. janitors


Facing jail time for protesting Bush
A federal prosecutor in South Carolina recently filed charges against veteran activist Brett Bursey--simply for protesting Bush's appearance in Columbia, S.C., in late October.

Say no to Bush's war on Iraq
Student activists in the Campus Antiwar Network met last weekend at regional conferences in California, Rhode Island and Texas to discuss next steps in opposing Bush's war and occupation.

Reports from the struggle
Stop the racist death penalty; Immigrants' rights


Thrown in jail for a murder they didn't commit
"This is like a crime"
Last December, Gildo Teixeira was quietly released from a Rhode Island prison after serving five years for a crime he did not commit. Two other codefendants still languish in prison.

How bosses use racism to keep us apart
Just because Marxists have a class analysis of society doesn't mean we ignore the issue of racial divisions. To the contrary, we view racism as a product of the capitalist system.

Letters to the editor
Kinder face of UK imperialism; The pro-war thugs won't silence us; Making us pay to speak out; SW has helped to change my ideas


Daily Show skewers the media hypocrites
TV's best news show?
Michael Moore said in his Oscar speech that we live in "fictional times." So it shouldn't be a surprise that the best source of news on television is a fake news show on the Comedy Central cable network.

Songs that rallied the civil rights fight
Nina Simone, who died last week at the age of 70, is widely known as one of the most influential jazz singers--but also as a protest singer and civil rights activist.

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