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May 23, 2003 | Issue 454


Giving away more loot to his rich pals
Bush's tax cut fraud
George W. Bush is trying to get away with highway robbery. Again. And the politicians in Washington--Republicans and Democrats--are helping him do it. Again.

Washington's new boss in Iraq gives the order...
Shoot to kill
U.S. soldiers in Baghdad have been issued new "rules of engagement." Troops will "start shooting a few looters so that the word gets around," one U.S. official told a reporter anonymously.


The long and bloody history of imperial conquest
The truth about empire
A growing chorus of right-wing ideologues is encouraging Washington to take pride in being a world superpower. But this project depends on erasing the bloody history of imperial conquest.

Washington uses attacks to expand the "war on terror"
What's behind the Riyadh bombings?
Within hours of the bomb attack on three housing compounds in the Saudi Arabian capital of Riyadh, U.S. officials were declaring that the bombings had the "mark of al-Qaeda"--and promising to crack down on terrorism worldwide.

Toufic Haddad on the new "peace" plan for the Middle East
Road map to where?
Socialist Worker talked to Toufic Haddad in Ramallah about the "road map" to Middle East peace and the larger context in which Palestinian resistance to Israel's occupation is taking place.


U.S. military adventures stoke violence around the world
Blowback of empire
Bombings from Morocco to Israel and from Saudi Arabia to Chechnya are being lumped together into a wave of "Islamist terror"--and used to justify more aggression by the U.S. government.

Argentina after the elections
The next time that Washington hacks declare that free-market "reforms" equal democracy, consider Argentina's latest presidential election debacle.


Washington's anti-immigrant policies take a deadly toll
Nightmare in Texas
Nineteen undocumented workers from Mexico and Central America are dead after being trapped in the back of a stifling, unventilated truck trailer during a trip through Texas.

St. Louis police raid homes of activists
Crackdown on dissent
Pre-emptive police crackdowns on protesters and left-wing activists from California to the Midwest are violating civil liberties and threatening the right to dissent.

Runaway Democrats win
Republican scam stopped in Texas
Democratic state lawmakers returned to Texas to a hero's welcome last week after fleeing the state to successfully defeat a Republican power grab.

Exonerated after 18 years on death row
After serving 18 years for a murder he didn't commit, John Thompson walked off Louisiana's death row. His case is typical of the barbaric injustice of America's killing machine.


William Bennett: A windbag deflated
It's always a delight to see a right-wing blowhard getting caught up in the web of his own hypocrisy. And it's especially delightful when the blowhard in question, William Bennett, has made his reputation on lecturing ordinary Americans about living a virtuous life.

How would we make a real democracy?
Democracy is impossible so long as the vast majority in society has no real choice in their lives but to spend 40 hours or more each week working to make ends meet--while a minority devotes their time to making decisions about running society.


Chicago Federation of Labor hosts organizing meeting
Union leaders sound alarm
Key union leaders are finally sounding the alarm about the crisis in organized labor--and they're calling for bold action to rebuild the movement.

Bay Area teachers fight budget cuts
Teachers in Oakland, Calif. have protested budget cuts at several school board meetings, but at the May 15 meeting, the protests took a major step forward.

On the picket line
Cintas; Oakland dockworkers


News and reports
Antiwar teach-ins; Defend civil liberties; Arundhati Roy; New York City housing protest


Republicans push new attack on D.C. schools
The voucher rip-off
In an outrageous turn of events, Washington, D.C.'s Democratic Mayor Anthony Williams recently announced his support for school vouchers.

Making teachers pay for the budget crisis
Like many states, Rhode Island is facing a budget shortfall, prompting the new Republican governor to call for reductions in teacher and state employee pensions, as well as for concessions from state employees' unions.

Letters to the editor
Sweatshops on wheels; These priorities are all screwed up; Cocaine sentencing rules are still racist


New book by a veteran war correspondent
How they justify their wars
In his excellent new book, journalist Chris Hedges sets out to explain the mechanisms our rulers use to mobilize societies for war, as well as chronicle the devastating effects of war.

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