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June 13, 2003 | Issue 457


Robin Hood in reverse
Bush's class war
The Bush administration's budget proposals slash away at every social program that working people need--from Head Start to Medicare. Why? To pay for a massive tax cut giveaway to the rich.

Deadly attacks on Palestinians
Israel's rampage
With a series of deadly Israeli rocket attacks on Palestinian neighborhoods in Gaza, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon dramatically tore up the U.S.-backed "road map" to Middle East peace.

Interview with Palestinian author Naseer Aruri:
Breakdown of the "road map"


Why the Democrats don't deserve your support in 2004
Anybody but Bush?
Even though Election Day is more than 16 months away, many people who oppose the Bush agenda have already pinned their hopes on the 2004 presidential vote. But can we trust the Democrats to provide a real alternative?

The execution of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg
It is 50 years since the execution of the Rosenbergs--a cold-blooded murder committed by the U.S. government in the name of the Cold War fight against communism.

Interview with the Rosenbergs' son Robert Meeropol:
"What we need to do is speak out"


Iraqi resistance grows as U.S. launches military crackdown
America's iron heel
U.S. officials may try to dismiss the resistance as action by pro-Saddam elements, but the reality is that growing numbers of angry and impoverished Iraqis are prepared to resist the occupation–including by armed force.


Supreme Court lawsuits mark the latest stage in...
The assault on affirmative action
If the U.S. Supreme Court rules against affirmative action policies at the University of Michigan, it will be a victory for racists--from George Bush on down.

Immigrant killed in workplace accident
Horror at a Texas factory
Daniel Cruz Romero was killed on the job at a meat processing factory north of Austin--the latest among a group of Mexican immigrants to meet death in Texas in ever more gruesome ways.

Mayor demands "sacrifice"
Taking aim at New York's poor
Mayor Michael Bloomberg is determined to balance the city's budget on the backs of poor and working New Yorkers--and poor kids will be the first targets.

Financial scandal at mortgage giant
The mortgage giant Freddie Mac is under criminal investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission after its Enron-style accounting scams came to light.


New protests in Iran sign of political crisis
Student protests in Tehran and other cities are highlighting the rising social tensions in Iran, even as the U.S. steps up pressure on the country.

Strikes against pension cuts
Where is the fight headed in France?
Regional walkouts protesting the government's plan to "reform" the state-run pension system have broadened into a strike wave involving millions of public- and private-sector workers.


Rolling back prices and workers rights
Mega-retailer Wal-Mart is the company that best represents today's free-market, low-benefit U.S. capitalism.


"The Congress is cheap"
Walkout over wage cuts at Chicago hotel
"THE CONGRESS is cheap, cheap and mean!" That slogan rang out from the crowd of housekeepers, restaurant employees and bellmen as they walked off the job at the Congress Hotel in Chicago.

Reformers win key positions in Local 790, but…
SEIU accepts cuts in S.F.
Under threat of massive layoffs, unions representing San Francisco city and county workers have agreed to concessions totaling $80-$90 million. Adding insult to injury, the cuts are completely unnecessary.

Hoffa deal won't save jobs in carhaul
Teamster carhaul workers will vote on a tentative contract at the end of this month--a five-year deal with no hourly wage increase for in first two years of the deal, and only $1.30 over the remaining three.

Why did Charleston ILA cross a picket line?
East Coast dockworkers forced shipper Evergreen America Corp. to withdraw charges that the union was conducting an illegal strike. But questions remain as to why ILA Local 1422 in Charleston, S.C., crossed picket lines.

On the picket line
General Electric; Sacramento janitors; Seattle janitors; Los Angeles Unified School District; Washington, D.C., teachers; Chicago health care rally


YUM! treats chickens better than farmworkers
Modern-day slavery
YUM! Brands--which owns Taco Bell, KFC, Pizza Hut, Long John Silver's and A&W All American Food Restaurants--apparently thinks that chickens are more important than human beings.

Corporate vultures who prey on the sick
In response to increasing pressure from New Haven County residents, Yale New Haven Hospital has been forced to forgive some patients' debts and stop foreclosures.

Letters to the editor
We can't take four more years of Bush; Out of the closets and into the streets; Socialist Worker missed the point in the Matrix.


Letters to a Young Activist from Todd Gitlin
Return to sender
Running throughout the condescending prose and sloppy fact-checking in Todd Gitlin's book lies the assertion that any challenge to the Democratic Party is either the product of youthful folly or crazed sectarianism.

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