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Using USA PATRIOT to protect corporate profits
Verizon on the attack

July 4, 2003 | Page 4

Dear Socialist Worker,

I have seen the new face of terrorism--and I'm afraid I'm it. I am an employee of Verizon in New York City, and our current contract is expiring August 2.

In preparation for this, the company showed us a video to warn us about vandalizing or sabotaging phone cables. This by itself is no big deal, but in the video, a member of the Secret Service informed us that under the USA PATRIOT Act, sabotaging phone cables is now considered a terrorist act, and they will be involved with the investigation.

It's really scary and obscene to see what the laws of this country are really there for--the protection of capitalism by the continued oppression of the working class.

We were also shown propaganda on the harm that people being without phone service can cause--not being able to call 911 in an emergency, etc. But I guess that when your phone is out of service, and Verizon tells you they'll come to repair it in a month, that's okay.

I think that the true extent of the USA PATRIOT Act has yet to be seen, so beware: you might be the next terrorist.

Paul Grohman, CWA Local 1101, New York City

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