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July 18, 2003 | Issue 461


Liars in the White House
Get out of Iraq now!
The White House is finally on the hot seat--for making the false claim that Iraq tried to obtain uranium for making nuclear weapons. And that was just one lie out of dozens that Washington told over and over and over again.

Verizon bosses lead the attack on our unions
Enough is enough!
If a huge moneymaker like Verizon can get away with eliminating jobs in upcoming negotiations with unions, it will have a far-reaching effect for the labor movement as a whole.


Washington's colonial occupation sparks resistance
Chaos in Bush's Iraq
"For the first time in decades, Iraqis are truly free." So claimed L. Paul Bremer, the U.S.-appointed overseer of Iraq. But Bremer's words are a lie.

"A dumping ground for radioactive waste"
Frida Berrigan talks to Socialist Worker about the Pentagon's depleted uranium weapons--and their —deadly, radioactive impact in Iraq.

How Washington puts profits before helping Africa's poor
Condemned to death and disease
Like his predecessors in the White House, Bush has proven by his actions that the U.S. government couldn't care less about the people of Africa.

A book that makes his ideas relevant for today's struggles
Trotsky and the fight for socialism
Duncan Hallas' newly republished Trotsky's Marxism provides an important introduction to Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky's tremendous contributions to Marxism.


Scandal over war lies exposes Washington's imperialist agenda
The empire unmasked
The scandal over Bush's fraudulent claim about Iraqi efforts to develop nuclear weapons is laying bare Washington's biggest lie of all--that its war was about anything other than oil and empire.

Does a Democrat deserve your vote?
What are you willing to swallow to get rid of George W. Bush? That's what the question comes down to for many people looking ahead to the 2004 election--and trying to decide which of the Democratic Party candidates they can stand to vote for.


U.S. announces plan for secret tribunals
The Pentagon's kangaroo court
The first six "enemy combatants" will face trial before secret military tribunals at Camp X-Ray, established by George Bush following the Afghanistan war.

Tulia drug sting prisoners finally freed
Racism of an unjust system
In an act of long overdue justice, the state of Texas has freed all but a few of the men and women still behind bars who were arrested in the notorious drug "sting" in the town of Tulia.

Censoring a "Marxist rant"
Right-wing students are up in arms over the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill's decision to assign Barbara Ehrenreich's book Nickel and Dimed as a summer reading project for incoming freshman.

Victims of an anti-Arab witch-hunt
The Bush administration's disgusting scapegoating of Arab and Muslims has been on full display in the Seattle area.

Bush gives green light to unsafe conditions
The Bush administration took a swipe at workers' safety on the job when it revoked a requirement that companies keep track of ergonomics injuries.


The class war from Reagan to Bush
George W. Bush bears more than a passing resemblance to Ronald Reagan--and not just because of their shared difficulty pronouncing four-syllable words.

Should bad unions be decertified?
It's easy to see why workers would want to vote to decertify lousy unions. The question remains, however, as to whether these decerts will do anything to help workers in their struggle to stand up to employers.

No substitute for workers' power
Workers cannot be freed by "philanthropic bourgeois" reformers. They cannot be freed by a heroic guerrilla force. The exploited and oppressed must free themselves--that was Marx's starting point.


Solidarity rally shows support for Chicago's HERE Local 1
Congress strikers dig in
More than 200 people gathered to protest outside the Congress Hotel in Chicago July 12 as the strike by HERE Local 1 members entered its fourth week.

On the picket line
Hamilton Sundstrand; Tyson Foods


News and reports
March for justice in Benton Harbor; Stop police brutality in New York City


Harassed by police for selling Socialist Worker
Standing up for our rights
Living in New York City after September 11 means dealing with cops who feel they have a special new right to harass people.

We should celebrate gay rights decision
I was surprised to read in SW about the gay rights victory in the Supreme Court under the headline "Should we celebrate?" The court's overturning of a Texas anti-sodomy law is a major victory for gay rights.

Letters to the editor
Brutality of the system; Why are retirees losing benefits?; The Democrats aren't a solution; Our duty to make Northeastern act; Will money exist under socialism?


Who funds the attack on affirmative action?
Tracing the money trail
Lee Cokorinos' new book The Assault on Diversity is an invaluable resource for uncovering the institutions, people and money behind the attack on affirmative action.

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