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August 1, 2003 | Issue 462


From the war on class war at home
Bush's web of lies
George W. Bush and his pals are up to their necks in lies. And from excuses for the Iraq war on Iraq to justifications for giveaways to the rich, new ones seem to spew out of their mouths all the time.

Time to draw the line against bosses' attack
Battle looms at Verizon
"We won't go back! Mobilize, mobilize, mobilize!" These words have become the union's rallying cry as a decisive showdown looms this week at Verizon.


The growing gap between rich and poor
The U.S. economy as a whole--and corporate profits in particular--experienced record growth during the 1990s, but working Americans didn't benefit. Today the gap between rich and poor looms larger than ever.

U.S. soldiers show growing anger at Bush
Between the lies told to justify the war and the administration's disrespect for the soldiers it orders around, Pentagon brass are faced with a crisis caused by resentment and anger in the ranks.

Dave Cline of Veterans for Peace:
"Bring them home now!"

How Russia went from a workers' state to state capitalism
Why did Stalin rise to power?
Joseph Stalin is rightly remembered as one of the most horrible tyrants of the 20th century. But to most people, his name is also associated with socialism.


War lies exposed and growing anger over slumping economy
Is Bushs's party over?
Presidential approval ratings are falling, evidence of official lies about Iraq is mounting, and the economy is wobbling. Has Bush's post-September 11 wartime popularity been punctured for good?

A "humanitarian" invasion of Liberia?
Many people who opposed Bush's war on Iraq are outraged by the administration's hypocrisy about Liberia. But their calls to send U.S. troops on a "humanitarian intervention" are mistaken.


Ashcroft's goons deport Rabih Haddad in secrecy
John Ashcroft's witch-hunters sank to a new low in July when they secretly deported Muslim cleric Rabih Haddad to Lebanon--without ever charging him with a single crime.

Rabih Haddad's brother speaks out:
"They ruined his life"

Terrorism charges dismissed
Feds' witch-hunt of lawyer set back
A federal judge dismissed terrorism charges against a prominent left-wing lawyer targeted by John Ashcroft's Justice Department.

Abuse of detainees uncovered
According to the report of its own inspector general, the Justice Department admits that its treatment of September 11 detainees amounted to little more than thuggery.

New law requires taped confessions
Illinois became the first state last week to require police to audiotape or videotape interrogations of murder suspects while in custody.

Threats from a religious fanatic
A religious fanatic made a televised announcement in mid-July calling for the death of three U.S. officials. But no one in the Bush administration flinched.


What was left out of the 9/11 report
There's more than meets the eye to a report that catalogues a series of bureaucratic screw-ups that cost the government opportunities to unravel the September 11 plot.

Was it right to vote for Nader in 2000?
Should the millions of people who supported Ralph Nader's Green Party campaign for president in 2000 get behind the Democrats in order to prevent George W. Bush from being re-elected in 2004?


Labor activists in Wisconsin step up solidarity efforts
Tyson strikers hold strong
After almost five months on strike, workers at Tyson Foods are standing firm--with only three of 470 strikers crossing the picket line.

Reformers win in California UAW local
In recent elections, members of United Auto Workers Local 2244 voted out a long-time conservative leadership and brought in a team of more pro-worker union leaders.

On the picket line
Washington D.C. teachers; Bon Marché; SEIU Local 73; Berkeley Bowl Grocery; Group Health Cooperative


News and reports
Palestine speaking tour; Madison fight for gay rights; Boston stands up to gay bashing


Debating California's recall election
California Gov. Gray Davis will face a nearly unprecedented recall election this fall--a stark indicator of the depth of California's political crisis. SW prints letters from ISO members debating the question.


It's not "kicking ass." It's not irony...
It's called sexism!
From Stripperella to the new Charlie's Angles, sexism is alive and well--and getting worse in popular culture.

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