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August 15, 2003 | Issue 464


White House wants "mini nukes"
George Bush's nuclear madness
A group of Pentagon scientists, weapons contractors and Strategic Command insiders gathered recently at a Nebraska air force base. Their mission? To build a "workable" nuclear weapon.

Tyson strikers draw the line
Standing up to corporate greed
For six months now, the members of UFCW Local 538 in Jefferson, Wis., have stood strong against the never-ending greed of their employer, the corporate giant Tyson Foods.


Why the U.S. isn't the "land of opportunity"
The myth of a classless America
We're constantly bombarded with the myth that we live in a classless society, based on equal opportunity for all. But beneath the surface, we find a different picture.

How Black Power took center stage at the 1968 Olympics
Revolt of the Black athletes
It has been 35 years since a migrant worker's son named Tommie Smith and Harlem's John Carlos took the medal stand at the 1968 summer Olympic Games and created what is one of the most enduring image in sports history.


Bush's imperial arrogance is stoking anger at home and abroad
The iron fist of occupation
Every new atrocity--like the massacre on the streets of Baghdad that took the lives of Adel abd al-Kerim and his three children--fuels armed resistance to the U.S. occupation of Iraq.

Who is labor's "lesser evil" in 2004?
The debate at the AFL-CIO Executive Council meeting in Chicago about which Democrat is more electable as president obscures the real question--whether the Democrats are really the party of working people that they claim to be.


California recall election attracts motley bunch of...
Bigots, crackpots and con artists
The mainstream media's frenzy over actor Arnold Schwarzenegger's announcement that he would run for governor of California drowned out any discussion about the crisis that underlies the election.

Their brutality seen on video
Inglewood cops let off the hook
The Inglewood, Calif., cops who were caught on videotape beating Donovan Jackson-Chavis got away scot-free with this crime.

Ashcroft wants to steal more rights
John Ashcroft is reportedly about to embark on a road trip to promote the Justice Department's new civil-liberties-shredding Victory Act.


White House ready to exploit bombing in Indonesia
Next stop in the "war on terror"?
For all the talk about an "Islamist threat," no one in either Indonesia or the U.S. seems eager to point the finger at a more obvious terrorist threat, with a long and bloody record: the Indonesian military.

What's behind U.S. threats against North Korea?
How Washington caused the crisis
In a surprise concession to U.S. demands, the North Korea government has agreed to join meetings between six countries to discuss its nuclear program.

Symptom of the political crisis facing the Arroyo government
Behind the mutiny in Manila
The mutiny of junior military officers in the Philippines capital was over within 19 hours, but the political fallout continues to spread.


The Democrats' shift to the left?
With each passing month, leaders of the Democratic Leadership Council are sounding more like street-corner preachers who proclaim the end of world unless the heathen repent.


Unions keep working without a contract, but...
What can beat Verizon?
The 78,000 union workers at the telecommunications giant Verizon have been told that the unions' strategy of extending negotiations is succeeding. But working without a contract inevitably strengthens the employers' hand.

On the picket line
San Francisco janitors


The new Freedom Rides
We'll fight for immigrant rights
Hundreds of national and local labor organizations, along with religious, community, and immigrant rights groups, will join the Immigrant Workers Freedom Rides beginning next month.

News and reports
Veterans for Peace; No to war and occupation; Stop racist redistricting in Texas


Pentagon's depleted uranium weapons take a toll
Exposing their war lies
It is a mistake to think that veterans and soldiers are swallowing the crap that Bush and his cronies are shoveling.

The terrible price of their injustice system
At a time when unemployment is rising and state and federal budgets are being cut, the Department of Justice detailed the inevitable result of such actions in its annual report.

Other letters
Vatican approval of anti-gay bigotry; Why Kucinich is no answer; Narragansett Nation targeted by police; SW got it wrong on sexism


The secret behind the new gay-themed TV
Same old stereotypes
Are gay men taking over television? That seems to be the recent buzz in the media--prompted primarily by two new shows on the Bravo cable network: Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and Boy Meets Boy.

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