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October 3, 2003 | Issue 470


The big lie
The war lies are catching up with George W. Bush. As one reporter described the upcoming report of U.S. weapons inspectors: "The bottom line is that the team has found no weapons of mass destruction."

The super rich get super-richer while 1.7 million are...
Pushed into poverty
Another 1.7 million more people fell into poverty, but the super-rich got even super-richer. That was 2002 in George W. Bush's America.


For legalization and workers' rights
Freedom ride for immigrant rights
Nearly 20 buses filled with 900 activists have fanned out across the U.S. in a Freedom Ride for immigrant workers' rights.

Freedom Riders speak out: Why we got on the bus

Pentagon quiet about high casualty rate
Suffering for oil and empire
George Bush spent part of September 11 pinning purple heart medals on wounded U.S. soldiers. Why have we heard so little about these casualties of war?

Stan Goff of Bring Them Home Now! on U.S. soldiers in Iraq:
"They weren't liberating anything"

With Bush on the attack, but public opinion polls shifting...
Are gays and lesbians better off?
In the aftermath of this summer's Supreme Court ruling which finally struck down anti-sodomy laws, many ask whether there has been much progress for gays and lesbians.

Paying tribute to Edward Said
Edward Said was a man of incredibly broad learning and ability. But above all, he was the most eloquent and persuasive spokesperson for the Palestinian people.


Bush's popularity ratings plummet from post-war highs
Like father, like son?
Five months after he declared victory in Iraq and enjoyed sky-high opinion poll numbers, the consequences of George Bush's bloody occupation of Iraq are consuming his administration with a sense of crisis.

Why Peter Camejo deserves your vote in California
A real alternative in the recall circus
Peter Camejo has spoken out for a real alternative from the status quo presided over by the mainstream parties. We believe that he deserves our readers' vote.


"Civil war! Civil war!"
New revolt spreading across Bolivia
Bolivia's main social movements and largest labor confederation joined forces this week to confront the government of President Gonzalo Sánchez de Losada.


This Republican scheme won't help fix our public schools
Voucher rip-off in D.C.
Republicans in Congress want to use the Washington, D.C. public schools as a laboratory for their privatization schemes.

Syria spy hysteria at Guantánamo
The Pentagon has arrested two men and accused them of spying for Syria. But their only crime may well be treating the detainees at the U.S. military prison camp at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, like human beings.


Would Al Gore have gone to war?
Many people in the antiwar movement accept the assumption that Gore would have pursued a kinder, gentler foreign policy. But are they right?

How the media sold Bush's war
In a rare example of corporate media self-criticism, CNN reporter Christiane Amanpour denounced the media for acting as cheerleaders for the Bush war drive against Iraq.


School board cancels plan to eliminate raise
D.C. teachers win gains
The D.C. Board of Education voted last week to rescind their July decision to cancel the annual cost-of-living increase and the 9 percent raise due to teachers this fall.

Could Chicago Teachers Union win more?
The Chicago Teachers Union's reform leadership called its tentative contract agreement a "significant gain for our members," yet significant needs of teachers and students are absent.

On the picket line
New York City teachers; National Writers Union; Congress Hotel; University of Maryland-College Park


Campus antiwar activists building for tour
Speaking truth to empire across the U.S.
Members of the Campus Antiwar Network and the Muslim Student Association talk about their nationwide campus speaking tour called "Speaking Truth to Empire."

No to the occupation of Iraq
Thousands turned out across the country as part of a day of action to protest the occupation of Iraq and Palestine.

News of our struggle
Stop the war on the poor; We say no to sexism


Yale workers stand up against anti-union bosses
Fighting obscene inequality
New Haven, Conn., is a textbook example of inequality in the U.S. But at the same time, workers in New Haven have set a different example--of how to fight back.

Camejo's campaign gives the right answers
Last week, millions of people saw Green Party candidate Peter Camejo take on The Terminator and the Lt. Budget Cutter in a televised debate for candidates in the California recall election.

Letters to the editor
Victims of a witch-hunt; Another world is possible; Treated like cannon fodder; Pay attention to labor dissidents; Don't let Clinton off the hook

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