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October 10, 2003 | Issue 471


Used as cannon fodder in a war for oil and empire
Bring the troops home!
To prove just how little Washington's warlords care about the soldiers that they sent to Iraq, the Pentagon has been extending tours and canceling leaves for thousands of troops.

Huge rally for immigrant rights
"I know we can make a change"
More than 100,000 people turned out to welcome the Freedom Riders in the largest rally for immigrant rights in U.S. history.


Hunger in a world of plenty
In a world that has sent people into outer space and cured all manner of disease, why do so many people suffer and die from one of the oldest causes in human history--not enough food?

Anuradha Mittal: "Poor countries are systematically hurt"
Food First co-director Anuradha Mittal explains why the World Trade Organization summit in Cancún, Mexico, broke down after a walkout by developing countries.

Should Kucinich get your vote?
The candidate of the antiwar movement?
Is Dennis Kucinich's liberal campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination designed to bend the party to the will of the people--or bend the people to the will of the party?

Why Lenin's analysis remains relevant for activists today
What is imperialism?
The military occupation and corporate takeover of Iraq has put the Marxist understanding of imperialism back into the spotlight.


From the disaster in Iraq to the scandal over the "Wilsongate"...
Has Bush blown it?
The bridge is burning at both ends, and the Bush administration is stranded in the middle.

Israel risks war with attack on Syria
Copying the Bush administration's rhetoric, the Israeli government last weekend launched a missile attack on Syria--and then proclaimed that it was acting in "self-defense."


Bush overtime scam beaten
In a victory for labor over the Bush administration, the House of Representatives to block a rule change that would drastically restrict workers' overtime rights.

What's next after the California recall?
Whichever of the three likely outcomes of California recall won out, workers and the poor in California were going to lose.

Feds use USA PATRIOT in hundreds of cases
Grabbing new powers
The Bush administration claimed that the civil liberties-shredding USA PATRIOT Act would help catch "terrorists." But the Feds have used the law to go after people suspected of crimes unrelated to terrorism.


How can anger be turned in action?
With the severity of attacks on ordinary people and the level of anger at government policies that the attacks have produced, it's only natural to wonder why the level of fightback is so low.

Is George Bush a fascist?
Calling the Bush administration "fascist" without also calling equally repressive Democratic administrations the same thing is simply a way of scaring progressives into voting for the lesser evil.


3,300 garbage workers on strike in Chicago
"We want what's fair"
Some 3,300 Teamster sanitation workers declared a strike after their contract expired September 30--and employers promptly declared a lockout.

Delegates reject teachers' deal in Chicago
Delegates of the Chicago Teachers Union voted to reject their union negotiating committee's tentative contract proposal.

On the picket line
Tyson Foods; Southern California grocery workers; Miami University; University of California


Rutgers activist targeted
Palestinian conference under fire
Activists at Rutgers University in New Jersey are under fire. Their "crime"? Organizing a campaign to express solidarity with the struggle of Palestinians.

Getting ready for October 25
"Bring the troops home now!" Activists across the country are gearing up for October 25 demonstrations in Washington, D.C., and San Francisco that will raise that demand.

News and reports
No to the occupation of Iraq; Stop racism at San Francisco State


Democratic frontrunner shows his real colors
Dean: Myth and reality
The Dean campaign illustrates perfectly how campaigning for a "lesser evil" only brings about the "lesser" and the "evil."

The vile record of a racist "Indian fighter"
Rep. William Janklow killed a man after running a stop sign in South Dakota last month. While the media has focused on Janklow's driving record, it ignored his record as one of the worst racists in modern U.S. history.

Letters to the Editor
Dockers taking a stand; Romney's death penalty push; Dean is no friend of workers; There's always a "lesser evil"; Socialists shouldn't support Camejo


Rush Limbaugh forced to resign at ESPN
Good riddance to a bigot
That racist bigmouth should have been fired and kicked off the air, not allowed to resign. But at least he's off TV.

How Elia Kazan should be remembered
Director Elia Kazan was eulogized for his illustrious career as a director of famous films. What shouldn't be forgotten is Kazan's role in ruining the lives of fellow filmmakers during the witch-hunts of the 1950s.

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