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October 17, 2003 | Issue 472


Nightmare in Iraq
Bush doesn't care how many die
George W. Bush's justifications for invading Iraq have been exposed as a massive fraud. And every day brings more examples of the mayhem and violence of Washington's colonial occupation.

Cruel new assault on Palestinians
U.S. backs Israel's war makers
The Israeli government launched a bloody new assault in its war on the Palestinians last week. And its defenders in Washington openly endorsed the killing and devastation.


U.S. health care system in crisis
Some 43.6 million people in the U.S. are without health insurance--and literally thousands more lose their coverage each day, as good-paying jobs with benefits continue to disappear.

Quentin Young of Physicians for a National Health Program:
"A catastrophe when illness strikes"

Governor Groper wins in California
Was the recall a shift to the right?
The recall results are an expression of discontent with the political status quo in California and around the country--and the politicians of both mainstream parties are the targets.

Is the left better off with a Democrat in the White House?
The politics of the "lesser evil"
It's a common-sense idea among people who stand for progressive causes that having a Democrat in the White House is better for our side. But the common sense is wrong.


Unraveling occupation of Iraq sparks White House infighting
The empire stumbles
Criticism and doubts about the occupation are growing with each death of a U.S. soldier--while the Iraqi resistance is gathering momentum.

A crucial step for our movement
Activists across the country are heading for Washington, D.C., and San Francisco on October 25 for national demonstrations that come at a critical time for the antiwar movement.


More and more U.S. soldiers on leave from Iraq ask...
"What if I just don't go back?"
The GI Rights Hotline is reporting a 75 percent increase over the past three months in calls asking about the consequences of going AWOL.

Oakland thugs cleared by mostly white jury
Crooked cops walk free
In what should have been an open and shut case, the leaders of a gang of crooked and brutal Oakland cops known as the "Riders" were set free.

Echo of Watergate in Philadelphia?
What's bugging Philadelphia's Democratic Mayor John Street? The FBI, it turns out.

Palestine mural under threat
There's a special reason that Israeli authorities want to demolish--for a fifth time--the Shawamreh house in the West Bank village of Anata.


Neoconservative birds of a feather
U.S. imperialism is a bipartisan project, with its ideological warriors accepted from both major parties. Getting rid of Bush in favor of a Democrat won't change that.

When will workers feel the recovery?
The mainstream media say recent government statistics show that the economy is finally producing jobs. But a closer look shows that there's been little relief for U.S. workers.


70,000 workers strike in Southern California
"Staying strong on the line"
Some 70,000 grocery store workers in Southern California hit the picket lines at the Von's, Ralph's and Albertson's supermarket chains.

Sanitation workers win in Chicago
Sanitation workers at private companies in Chicago won a decisive victory after their nine-day strike.

On the picket line
Chicago teachers; New York City legal services; Washington, D.C. schools; Los Angeles teachers; University of Cincinnati


News and reports
Rutgers Palestine Conference; No to war and occupation


Minority students targeted at University of Texas
Stand up against racism
A series of incidents at the University of Texas has shown that racism is alive and well on this campus.

We can't afford not to fight for health care
"Everyone deserves health care. It should be a right. My treatment and whether I live or die should not be decided by a profit-making corporation."

Letters to the editor
Our resistance is global; Labor's struggle for global justice; SW misrepresented Al Gore's position; Bush's hypocrisy on display at UN; Does SW have an alternative in mind?


Essays from "activist lawyer" William Kunstler
They put their politics on trial
The book Politics on Trial offers essays by the left-wing lawyer William Kunstler on five major cases where political convictions and social change stood at the crossroads.

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