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October 24, 2003 | Issue 473


"George Bush was appointed by God"
These fanatics want to rule the world
Lt. Gen. William Boykin's claim that God was responsible for making George Bush president is further evidence--if more was needed--that the White House is packed with arrogant and power-hungry fanatics.

Protests topple a president
Rebellion in Bolivia
Bolivian President Gonzalo Sánchez de Losada fled La Paz as hundreds of thousands of Bolivians overran the capital city demanding his resignation and prosecution.


Tariq Ali on Bush's colonial conquest of Iraq
"Occupation fuels the resistance"
Author and filmmaker Tariq Ali speaks to Socialist Worker about the unraveling occupation in postwar Iraq--and what the future holds for Washington's war on the world.

The challenges ahead for opponents of occupation
The future of our movement
SW talks to leading organizers and activists about where the antiwar movement is headed.

When Washington was defeated
The U.S. government is the world's largest superpower, with unsurpassed wealth, power and military might. But it's important to remember that it doesn't always get its way.


Bush administration tries to repackage occupation of Iraq
UN cover for U.S. power
With "Plan A" for their go-it-alone occupation of Iraq in disarray, the Bush administration went to work on "Plan B" last week--a United Nations resolution that blesses Washington's rule.

Who's to blame for job losses?
The U.S. economy has lost nearly 3 million manufacturing jobs in the last three years. But are union leaders right that China is to blame?


What you won't hear in the...
Media circus for sniper trial
After months of press conferences, book deals, talk show tours, and shameless maneuvering by prosecutors and police, the trial of sniper suspect John Allen Muhammad has begun.

Shot down in a hail of 21 cop bullets
A New York man was left clinging to life after police gunned him down in a hail of 21 bullets.


Israel's "might makes right" policy
Piling brutality on brutality
Israel's cold-blooded violations of international law are commonplace, say human rights groups. But these war crimes don't trouble Israeli officials--nor their sponsors in Washington.


Why the UN is not a solution in Iraq
The United Nations Security Council gave the Bush administration everything it asked for when it unanimously approved a resolution endorsing the occupation of Iraq.

What workers gain from strikes
During the past few decades of working-class retreat, it has become fashionable to argue that strikes are an "an outdated labor model."


Grocery workers digging in for a long fight
The 70,000 striking grocery store workers in Southern California are gaining widespread sympathy. And another 13,000 grocery workers are on strike in St. Louis and in West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky.

LA bus mechanics' walkout shuts down system
The nation's third largest public transit system ground to a halt as 2,200 mechanics and maintenance workers walked off the job in Los Angeles to protect their health care benefits.

Chicago teachers say "No deal!"
Members of the Chicago Teachers Union voted 15,965 to 10,723 to reject the leadership's contract proposal, sending shock waves through the union and the city.

On the picket line
Marysville, Wash., teachers


Defend the Berkeley 3!
UC administrators target antiwar activists
Three activists at the University of California-Berkeley have been convicted of student conduct violations for participating in a demonstration on the day after the U.S. war on Iraq began.

Open letter of protest
Berkeley Student Anti-War Protesters Deserve Due Process

No to the occupation of Iraq!
Activists around the country are saying no to the war and occupation in Iraq at "Speaking Truth to Empire" meetings sponsored by the Campus Antiwar Network.

News of our struggle
Abolish the death penalty


Construction site closed after SW story on risk of collapse
Will Bellevue be fixed?
Two days after SW ran a story about the risks of the CD building at Bellevue Hospital falling down, building inspectors ordered the construction site that had endangered the building shut down "forthwith."

Lives destroyed by the injustice system
A 2-year-old girl in Florida was recently rescued after being left alone in an apartment for two-and-a-half weeks. The reason? Her mom was in jail.

Letters to the editor
Their wealth comes from us; Kucinich deserves progressives' support; We aren't laughing at this racist game; SW's tribute to Said fell short; The Democrats are better on gay rights


A general's indictment of U.S. imperialism
"To hell with war"
U.S. Marine Corps Gen. Smedley Butler's 1935 classic War Is a Racket lays out his indictment of American militarism.

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