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October 31, 2003 | Issue 474


From abortion ban to anti-immigrant raids at Wal-Mart
Bush's right-wing rampage
Washington's right-wingers are on the rampage--and they want to steamroll over our rights.

Tens of thousands march against the U.S. occupation
"We're not going away"
End the occupation! Bring the troops home now! That message rang out from Washington, D.C., and San Francisco last weekend as tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets to call for the U.S. out of Iraq.


Marching with the military families
"We have to speak out"
Veterans and family members of soldiers now in Iraq mobilized in large numbers for the October 25 demonstration in Washington, D.C. Socialist Worker spent the day talking to them.

Delegation of U.S. unionists report back
Rise of Iraq's new labor movement
"The thing that was really heartening to me was that under the most difficult conditions you can imagine, workers were not waiting one minute before they started organizing themselves," reports labor journalist David Bacon.

Unanimous Security Council vote endorses U.S. occupation of Iraq
Should we support a UN occupation?
While rejecting demands for troops and funds to rebuild Iraq, the UN Security Council has once again reaffirmed its support for an occupation under Washington's iron control.

Renewed economic growth hasn't turned around job losses
The limits of recovery
Despite economic growth rates estimated at the fastest since the boom of the late 1990s, the U.S. job market remains lousy. Who's to blame?


Citadel of the U.S. occupation targeted in rocket attack
The resistance that won't go away
The pampered elite that runs Washington's occupation of Iraq got a taste of the chaos that grips the rest of the country when guerrillas launched a rocket attack on Baghdad's Rashid Hotel.

Republicans push for legislation to bleed Medicare
A new attack disguised as "reform"
It's called bait and switch. Under the guise of a "reform" that adds a partial prescription drug benefit, the politicians are moving ahead with long-held plans to privatize Medicare.


Victims of the Cook County office building fire are...
"Dead because of political clout"
If investigators really wanted to find out why six county workers died on October 17, they would start by asking some questions of Chicago Mayor Richard Daley and his cronies.

Wal-Mart immigration raids
Feds' racist scapegoating
A raid by federal immigration officials on Wal-Mart stores in 21 states resulted in the arrest of over 200 undocumented workers.

Florida governor exploits feeding tube case
Jeb Bush's power play
Florida's governor Jeb Bush is cynically playing politics with the life of a 39-year-old Florida woman.

Turning prisons into mental institutions
The U.S. "justice" system is warehousing the mentally ill not in mental health facilities--but American jails and prisons.


A two-faced immigration policy
Recent attacks on undocumented workers have underlined the hypocrisy of the claim that the U.S. is "a nation of immigrants."


Southern California grocery strike a key battle
"We have to show unity"
Seventy thousand grocery workers in Southern California are resisting employers' demands for drastic cuts in health and pension benefits, as well as the creation of a two-tier pay system.

Rank-and-file teachers in LA fight back
United Teachers Los Angeles held rallies at school administrative offices around the city October 23, the union's first mobilization since its contract expired last June.

On the picket line
Chicago teachers; New York City teachers; University of Maryland-College Park


News and reports
Defend the Berkeley 3; No to the occupation of Iraq; Defend civil liberties


NYC teachers speak out against overcrowding
Crisis in our schools
Because the No Child Left Behind Act requires that students be allowed to transfer from "failing" schools, Brooklyn and Bronx schools are filled beyond their capacity.

Tom DeLay's redistricting scheme in Texas
A few weeks ago, House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Texas) spent three days slouching around the halls of the Texas capitol building, lobbying to make sure his redistricting plan would be passed.

Letters to the editor
Good riddance to a racist; Lives destroyed by Washington's war; Making a career out of their bigotry; Would the Democrats behave differently?


Ella Baker and the struggle for civil rights
The evolution of an activist
Although Ella Baker was a founding member some of the civil rights movement's most prominent organizations, her contribution is little known.

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