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November 7, 2003 | Issue 475


Economic boom for who?
Good times are back for the well to do, but lower down the ladder of success, the outlook isn't so rosy.

New resistance to Washington's deadly occupation
Bush's disaster in Iraq
For months, the Bush administration has tried to pass off the Iraqi resistance as "insignificant." The latest attacks prove that it is anything but.


At stake in the Southern California grocery strike
Taking a stand for health care
The big grocery strikes in Southern California and the Midwest have put a spotlight on the rapidly worsening health care crisis in the U.S.--and the efforts of employers to push rising costs onto workers.

Mike Davis on the wildfires in Southern California
"A market-driven recipe for disaster"
Author Mike Davis explains the real causes of the California wildfires--above all, years of destructive land development driven by the profit-first priorities of the free market.

The importance of the revolutionary newspaper today
Why we sell Socialist Worker
The revolutionary newspaper is a central weapon in the arsenal of those fighting for a better world.


What Washington means by the FTAA...
Free Trade Assault on the Americas
A new U.S. invasion of foreign territory will be launched this month--not in the Middle East, but at the Free Trade Area of the Americas summit in Miami.

The Democrats duck another fight
How is it that Democrats in Congress managed to get beaten by the White House once again--over legislation to give the Pentagon another $87 billion for the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan?


Former Tyco bosses on trial for corporate crimes
The $2 million birthday party
Long ago, rich men hired painters to produce portraits of themselves, surrounded by symbols of their wealth. As the world discovered last week during the trial of Dennis Kozlowski, the obscenely rich now use videotape.

Haley Barbour runs for Mississippi governor
He's proud to be a bigot
"He never forgot his roots." That's what George W. Bush had to say about arch-racist Haley Barbour, who is running for governor of Mississippi. For once, Bush wasn't lying.

Ashcroft censors a critical report
John Ashcroft has some dirty laundry to hide. And he isn't above censoring a critical report of his own Justice Department to keep it tucked out of sight.

Lott's "insane" advice on Iraq occupation
With attacks on U.S. occupation forces on the rise in Iraq, Sen. Trent Lott offered up his own sick solution.


The facts about the sexist backlash
Facts don't get in the way for those who want to turn back the clock on women's rights.

Has Iraq become the new Vietnam?
What's remarkable about the current period, compared with the war against Vietnam, is how quickly a crisis has developed for the Bush administration over this "quick victory."

Inside the system
Crazy like Fox News; Pushing Ann Coulter's buttons; Heard it through the grapevine


LA transit strikers hold the line
With striking bus drivers were set to vote on a new contract offer as Socialist Worker went to press, strikers talk about what's at stake in this showdown.

NYC workers rally for a decent contract
Thousands of city workers rallied outside City Hall to demand a decent contract from New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

On the picket line
Teamsters for a Democratic Union; U.S. Labor Against the War; New York City restaurants; University of Vermont


A victory for Oscar Olivera
After a flood of e-mails from around the world in support of Bolivian trade unionist Oscar Olivera, his employers were forced to back down and reinstate him.

Campus antiwar activists meet in Chicago
"This is the beginning of a prolonged student movement to end the occupation of Iraq," says one member of the Campus Antiwar Network.

News and reports
No to the occupation of Iraq


White House has the gall to label critics as "racist"
Occupation isn't freedom
Condoleezza Rice has often claimed the U.S. occupation of Iraq as a legacy of the struggles of Dr. Martin Luther King and the quest for "freedom."

Letters to the editor
The "saint" who covered for tyrants and crooks; A tribute that did Said justice


Exploring how politics shaped his music
Dylan's chimes of freedom
In his new book Chimes of Freedom, Mike Marqusee offers an engaging study of the political currents that shaped Dylan's art--and which, in turn, shaped his remarkable music.

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