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November 14, 2003 | Issue 476


Bush's occupation of Iraq
Dying for oil and empire
In all, 34 U.S. troops died in the first 10 days of November--the bloodiest period for Washington since George W. Bush declared victory half a year ago. And the U.S. response? More brutality.

LA docks shut down for grocery strike rally
"This is solidarity"
Thousands of dockworkers shut down ports in Los Angeles to hold a solidarity rally with striking grocery workers.


Preparing to protest in Miami
Why we oppose the FTAA
Thirty-four countries with 800 million people--all under Uncle Sam's thumb. That's the essence of the proposed Free Trade Area of the Americas.

"We killed anything that walked"
Vietnam war crimes
An investigative series published in the Toledo Blade has exposed war crimes committed during the Vietnam War by an elite Army platoon called Tiger Force.

Will the movement that toppled a president go further?
What next for Bolivia's rebellion?
Last month's mass rebellion in Bolivia, which drove out the despised President Gonzalo Sánchez de Lozada, represents a breakthrough for the workers' movement in Latin America.


Confederate flag furor exposes the Democrats' hypocrisy
No excuse for racism
The controversy over Howard Dean and the Confederate flag proves not only that Dean can't be trusted about issues of racial justice--but that his rivals for the Democratic Party presidential nomination can't either.

Washington's Medicare swindle
Leave it to Congress to come up with a Medicare cure that's worse than the sickness.


Pentagon floats a call for local draft board volunteers
Return of the draft?
Is the Bush administration scheming to bring back the draft? That's the growing concern after the Defense Department recently made a call for volunteers to sit on local draft boards.

Left-winger makes runoff election for mayor
Green candidate stuns S.F. Democrats
San Francisco voters shocked the Democratic Party establishment in the mayoral election by giving Green Party candidate Matt Gonzalez 20 percent of the vote, putting him in a December 9 runoff.

Armed cops raid S.C. school
The cops charged in, guns drawn. Who were the hardened criminals that the 15 police officers were after in Goose Creek, S.C.? The students of Stratford High School.

Toxic Texan helps his corporate pals
Last week, Environmental Protection Agency officials announced that they would be dropping dozens of lawsuits against coal-fired power plants.


The Democrats' Southern discomfort
Howard Dean's comments about the Confederate flag ignited more commentary on whether the Democrats are finished in the South.

How politicians blame the victim
Ordinary people are rightly horrified by the suffering of children in several recent tragedies. But the politicians and media have scapegoated people who are doing the best they can in impossible circumstances.

Inside the system
A wake for clean air; This election brought to you by...; Heard it through the grapevine


Strike stops concessions
Union win at restaurants in New York
Busboys, dishwashers, waiters and bartenders at some of New York City's poshest restaurants united to beat back management attacks on their health care last week.

Mechanics defy Los Angeles transit authority
"We're sticking together"
In a show of defiance, striking transit mechanics and maintenance workers overwhelmingly rejected the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority's "last, best and final" offer.

On the picket line
Chicago Transit Authority; Rochester, N.Y., transit; Tyson Foods


Antiwar protesters target Powell in NYC
More than 250 people turned out at City College to protest a visit by Secretary of State Colin Powell.

News and reports
National Conference on Media Reform; Campaign to End the Death Penalty; Defend the Oakland 25; Defend civil liberties; Tear down Israel's apartheid wall


An unprecedented protest for reform in Riyadh
Cracks in Saudi society
Saudi Arabia has long been known for its iron-fisted dictatorship, but recently, over 150 people protested for reform in the center of the capital, blocking roads and snarling traffic.

Letters to the editor
Standing together against this occupation; Kucinich shouldn't get our vote


Right wing in a frenzy over Reagan movie
That ain't the half of it
In a stunning act of cowardice last week, CBS canceled its much-publicized "docudrama" The Reagans, caving in to a campaign by the right wing.

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