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December 12, 2003 | Issue 479


The brutal logic of occupation
Doubts remain about the Bush administration's claims of a "victory" against "pro-Saddam insurgents" in the town of Samarra. But what isn't in doubt is that U.S. troops unleashed their massive firepower on a defenseless neighborhood.

Telephone calls from soldiers flood the GI Rights Hotline
"They want out of Iraq"
The GI Rights Hotline has seen a huge increase in the volume calls it receives from soldiers--who want to know about the rights that the Pentagon brass doesn't tell them about.


Beaten to death by Cincinnati cops
This was murder
"Mama, mama." Those were the last words of Nathaniel Jones as he lay dying--savagely beaten to death by the Cincinnati police.

Class war in Bush's America
American Dream or American Nightmare?
Will your children live a better life than you? For three decades following the Second World War, most people in the U.S. could answer "yes." Today, that American Dream is dead.

New International Socialism series from Haymarket Books
The real Marxist tradition
To Karl Marx, and generations of socialists after him, socialism wasn't about state ownership or party loyalty, but the self-emancipation of the working class.


Bush's "war on terrorism" exposed for what it really is...
The rule of brute force
U.S. military officials use the same racist logic of the Vietnam war to justify harsh new U.S. tactics in Iraq--including imprisoning entire villages behind barbed wire and demolishing civilians' houses.

Democrats turn to scare tactics
The pressure is on for progressives to back a Democrat--any Democrat--to get rid of George W. Bush and his rotten policies.


Grim reality behind the politicians' photo ops
Hunger in the richest nation in the world
The Bush administration's "war on terror" is justified with language about "national security." But what about the security of having access to basic necessities and ensuring that needs of children are met?

Targeting immigrant rights and the budget
Attack of the Govenator
California's new governor has lost no time in advancing schemes that will wreak havoc on anyone in the state who isn't white and rich.

Dr. Strangelove's new bombs
George Bush and his administration of Dr. Strangeloves are marching ahead with plans to build new "useable" nuclear weapons.

The sick bigots in a Louisiana school
Louisiana school administrators gave new meaning to the word "bigot" last month when they punished a 7-year-old boy for using the word "gay."

Chaplain smeared by the Pentagon
Army Chaplain Yousef Yee spent 76 days locked in a Navy brig, falsely accused by the Bush administration of espionage.


The growing ranks of the poor aren't celebrating
Happy holidays for the few
While the rich are living it up, an ever-wider swathe of Americans will be lucky to afford anything at all this holiday season.

Why the economy isn't creating jobs
If the economy is growing so fast, why is the job market still so lousy?

Inside the system
Turkeys on parade; Truth about Dubya; The definition of low wages; Heard it through the grapevine


Teamsters boost grocery strike as bosses play dirty
Time to step up the fight
The grocery industry giants are losing big money after underestimating workers' willingess to fight--and the solidarity they've received.

Bad deal forced on Chicago transit workers
Nearly 6,300 Chicago Transit Authority workers, members of Amalgamated Transit Union Local 241, have a new contract--and they're not happy about it.

On the picket line
Oyster Bar; Congress Hotel; Montpelier, Vt., union drive; Metropolitan Transit Authority; Teamsters Local 705 election


News and reports
Free Farouk!; No to occupation and empire; Critical Resistance


"Devin's life probably could have been saved"
A cutback that killed
Devin Fowlkes, an 11th grader in Washington, D.C., who fell victim to a stray bullet, may have been able to survive if D.C. General Hospital's trauma center were still open.

What socialists should say on gay marriage
Socialist Worker missed the mark in its article on the victory for gay marriage in Massachusetts.

Letters to the editor
Keep recruiters off campus; Why the U.S. backs revolt in Georgia; We need national health care


Socialist Worker writers recommend...
Holiday gift picks
Socialist Worker columnists and writers offer their book and movie suggestions for holiday gifts.

Race and inequality in a Southern home
Caroline, or Change is a wonderful new musical by Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Tony Kushner of Angels in America fame.

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