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January 23, 2004 | Issue 483


The real state of the union
Socialist Worker talked to activists, writers and experts on some of the issues most important to working people--and asked them about the real "state of the union."

Huge demonstrations shake Iraq
"No, no to the occupation"
In Basra last week, 30,000 Shiites took to the streets. And another 100,000 turned out in Baghdad January 19, chanting "Yes, yes to elections! No, no to occupation!"

The World Social Forum in Mumbai
World of resistance
SW reports from the World Social Forum in Mumbai, India--and describes the political backdrop for this enormous gathering.

A debate in our movement
Palestine and the antiwar movement
Should the antiwar movement take up the question of Palestine? Or, to put it another way, can the movement oppose one element of U.S. domination of the Middle East, the occupation of Iraq, while ignoring the other--the U.S.-funded Israeli occupation of Palestine?


Democratic presidential contenders battle over "electability"
The "lesser evil" is still evil
The media's jabber about "electability" in the wake of the Iowa caucuses illustrated all the problems of "lesser evilism"--the belief that people who stand for peace and justice need to vote for a candidate who stands for neither, in order to stop the greater evil of a Republican victory.

A color-coded system for profiling
Last week, the Department of Homeland Security quietly announced that it will roll out a new "Big Brother" program to attack our civil liberties.


The victims of a system that puts profits before people
Struggling to survive without heat
When brutally cold temperatures hit the Northeast last week, the media advised people to stay inside. But for tens of thousands without heat in their apartments, staying home brought no relief.

Protesters from Vieques get harsh sentences
Sent to jail for protesting
The Vieques 12--a group of anti-Navy activists accused of destroying U.S. government property at the former military base on Vieques--were convicted and received harsh prison sentences.

Rights of millions at stake
The White House overtime rip-off
As the Bush administration makes its latest effort to push through new rules that would take away overtime rights, its Labor Department is offering tips to bosses on how to use the new guidelines.

Natives suffer higher rates of disease
"This population has higher rates of diabetes, cancer, childhood respiratory disease and death from injuries." That was the conclusion of American Medical News about the state of health care for Native Americans.


Fight the right's attack on abortion
The Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade decision granted women the right to choose safe, legal abortion. The anti-abortion crusade has been hell-bent on taking this right away ever since.

Are our actions willed or destined?
Is historical change a product of human will power, or is something else at work?


Debate opens up about direction of grocery strike
How can the UFCW win?
In the struggle of grocery workers in Southern California, the question is: What is it going to take to win this crucial showdown between the bosses and labor?

On the picket line
Cintas; H&M; Cité


Don't execute Kevin Cooper!
Will the "Governator" be allowed to get away with killing a Black man during Black History Month? Not if the Committee to Save Kevin Cooper has anything to say about it.

News and reports
Defending Martin Luther King's legacy; No war on Iraq; Stop police torture


What's at stake in the California grocery strike
The race to the bottom
If we lose this fight, it will be open season on all workers, and we'll be dragged down in the corporate race to the bottom.

Letters to the editor
Taking an honest look at the Zapatistas; Message of Cold Mountain; Step forward on gay marriage; Justifying Israel's barbaric occupation


Taking on the pro-corporate politicians...
Moore and less
When Michael Moore is at his best, he gets to the marrow of what's messed up about the world we live in. But the problem is that what he has to say can be somewhat confusing.

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