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January 30, 2004 | Issue 484


Where was the Democrats' opposition?
Washington's new gift to big business
What do you give the corporate boss who has everything? Anything they want--and make sure you wrap it up in a 1,182-page federal spending bill.

Corporate America's pension rip-off
Don't let them steal our future
Call it the Pension Ripoff Act of 2004. A bill that's expected to pass the U.S. Senate would help corporations walk away from their pension obligations to retirees.


Report from occupied Iraq
"We don't want the Army USA"
A student antiwar activist describes what he saw and talks about the people he met on a recent peace delegation to Iraq.

What they really mean by "electability"
Forget whether they supported the war. The only thing that seems to matter in the race for the 2004 Democratic Party presidential nomination is "electability."

Scientists predict a global warming nightmare, but...
Bush's Big Oil buddies do nothing
Global warming could wipe out a quarter of the animal and plant species currently on the planet in the next 50 years, according to a frightening new study.


Their unapologetic defense of Washington's war on the world
World's super-cop lays down the law
"The days of looking the other way while despotic regimes trample human rights and rob their nations' wealth…are over." Cheney lectured Europeans at the World Economic Forum. What a hypocrite!


Cheney's old company admits to ripping off the Pentagon
Crooks at Halliburton
At Dick Cheney's old corporate stomping grounds last week, they admitted that two executives had ripped off millions of dollars from the Pentagon.

Commutations in Illinois upheld
The Illinois Supreme Court rulled against an attempt to send 32 of the former death row prisoners whose sentences were commuted by former Gov. George Ryan back to death row.


The other party of big business
The experiences of the Dean and Kucinich campaigns in Iowa are the latest illustrations of Malcolm X's warning to activists in the 1960s: If you put the Democrats first, they will only put you last.

Should we try to fix the system?
One often-heard criticism of socialism is that workers' revolution--the overthrow of the existing system of capitalism--is too "drastic." But is there an easier path?

Inside the system
Doh! No lapdogs allowed; Replacing Smokey the Bear; Heard it through the grapevine


AFL-CIO takes major role in grocery struggle
"Get involved in the fight"
The AFL-CIO is taking a central role in the strike and lockout of 70,000 grocery workers in Southern California, with solidarity actions set to take place across the country.

Sterling Laundry strikers get a lift on MLK Day
The ongoing strike at Sterling Laundry got a needed boost on Martin Luther King Day, thanks in part to civil rights activist Rev. Graylan Hagler.

On the picket line
Chicago Transit Authority; Centre City Towers


Save Kevin Cooper!
The case against Cooper highlights everything that is wrong with the "justice" system. Activists are determined to cast a spotlight on this case--and stop Kevin from being put to death.

Death sentence overturned in Maryland
Maryland prosecutors finally admitted in court what defense attorneys and activists have been saying for years--that death row prisoner Kenny Collins never got a fair trial.

News and reports
Bring the troops home now; Oppose the persecution of Muslims; Protest Oliver North; Martin Luther King Day; Defend abortion rights


Right-wing bigots taking aim at abortion rights
Time to fight for choice
I was disgusted to read that on the 31st anniversary of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion, thousands of anti-choice bigots gathered in Washington for a rally.

We deserve better than the Democrats
Howard Dean is setting a land-speed record for selling out his supporters.


Film tells Wournos' story with humanity
The making of a "monster"
Within minutes of her arrest, Aileen Wournos' painful and pathetic life was sensationalized in the media. Patty Jenkins' amazing film Monster tells Wournos' story with humanity and understanding.

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