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February 20, 2004 | Issue 487


What a fraud!
Hypocrite. That's the only word that can describe a man so quick to send U.S. soldiers to their deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan--but who bought his way out of the military during the Vietnam War.

Gays and lesbians stand up to bigots over right to marry
"Getting off the back of the bus"
Thousands of gay and lesbian couples were married in San Francisco in defiance of California state law--part of an outpouring of action around the country as gays and lesbians stood up for their rights.


The fight for Kevin Cooper
Socialist Worker looks at how the struggle that stopped the state of California from executing Kevin Cooper was organized.

Kevin Cooper: "Ritual of Death"

Bush commission to "investigate" Iraq war lies
George W. Bush's approval ratings have dropped to all-new lows for his presidency under the weight of a series of scandals. SW digs through the dirt.


White House looks to UN to provide cover for occupation
Scrambling to salvage their conquest
George W. Bush's sputtering over the failure to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq has finally forced the media to examine how Washington cooked up its case for war.

Is Iran headed for a political crisis?
This week's elections in Iran will mark a turning point in the stalemate between the conservatives and reformers who make up Iran's political establishment.


U.S. drops its demand for records from antiwar meeting
Feds back off drive to target activists
Faced with mounting pressure, the U.S. government dropped subpoenas for the records of antiwar activists at an Iowa university.

Ashcroft's goons go after hospital records
Anti-abortion fanatics
If anti-abortion fanatic John Ashcroft has his way, the U.S. Justice Department will pore over the private medical records of hundreds of women who had abortions.

Farouk Abdel-Muhti detained
Why is this man still behind bars?
The U.S. government announced its intention earlier this month to continue the nearly two-year-old detention of New York-based Palestinian immigrant Farouk Abdel-Muhti.

U.S. plan for regime change in Chile
A newly released 34-year-old memo by Henry Kissinger documents the U.S. government's policy of pre-emptive "regime change" in Chile--30 years before George W. Bush sought the same thing in Iraq.


U.S.-connected businessmen and military thugs behind the opposition
How Washington set the stage for Haiti's uprising
If the anti-Aristide opposition succeeds in its aim of ousting Haiti's president, they will try to turn back the clock to the days when military officers and paramilitary gangs ruled Haiti through terror.

Crisis in Dominican Republic deepens
Another free-market miracle in Latin America has unraveled into economic collapse, mass protest and repression--this time in the Dominican Republic.


The racist hypocrisy behind the hijab ban
Is banning the hijab, the head covering worn by many Muslim women and girls, a step forward for Muslim women's rights--or more racist discrimination against the Muslim population?

What we mean by the working class
Class is commonly viewed as something based upon income level: upper, middle, lower. This view only serves to distort the real class issues that structure our society.


Striking LA grocery worker speaks out:
"Hit them where it hurts"
A rank-and-file grocery worker from Santa Monica talks to Socialist Worker about what's needed to win this crucial labor battle.

On the picket line
Stop and Shop; Tootsie Roll; New York University; Powell's; University of Texas shuttle bus drivers


Thousands rally to demand school funding in Maryland
Thousands of teachers, administrators, parents and students from schools across Maryland converged at the State House to rally for full funding of a promised school improvement plan.

News and reports
Defend affirmative action; No to war and occupation


Seattle police settle with anti-WTO demonstrators
It's our right to protest
Global justice activists won an important victory when the city of Seattle agreed to pay $250,000 to more than 150 people arrested during the WTO protests.

Letters to the editor
Georgia bigots take aim at gay rights; No room for slaves in Cold Mountain?; Don't ignore the environment; Super Bowl reaches new low


The Democrats vs. the environment
Jeffery St. Clair has delivered his hard-hitting book Been Brown So Long It Looked Like Green to Me just in time to stem the amnesia over the Democratic Party's environmental record.

The return of an anti-imperialist classic
A woman plants a bomb in a crowded cafe. Occupying troops dynamite a home in a crowded Arab neighborhood. But this is not Iraq or Palestine--it's a scene from the 1965 film The Battle of Algiers.

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