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April 23, 2004 | Issue 496


From Iraq to Palestine
Bush's terror in the Middle East
George W. Bush vowed to "transform the Middle East." Now he's unleashed state terror to impose Washington's will from one end of the region to the other.

Abortion rights: No restrictions, no concessions...
No apologies!
A march so big that even George W. Bush can't ignore it. That's what activists are hoping to see in Washington, D.C., at the March for Women's Lives rally for abortion rights on April 25.


An issue of life and death...for women
Abortion is every woman's right
Stopping the anti-abortion bigots will require building a grassroots movement that defends the right to choose without apology--and doesn't rely on "friendly" politicians who have only made concessions.

Why we say:
U.S. out of Iraq now!
To demand anything else of the U.S. government other than its immediate withdrawal is to give it justification to continue the pursuit of its war aims--which it has always cloaked with lofty phrases about democracy and justice.

The IMF-World Bank loan sharks:
Prescribing poverty
Bankers and bureaucrats in the U.S., Europe and Japan are determined to use the debt of the world's poorest countries to bolster their imperial power.


Washington gives its stamp of approval to Sharon's agenda
Partners in war crimes
Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was grinning as he stood next to Bush during the carefully staged Washington ceremony last week--and no wonder.

John Kerry tries to out-Bush Bush
Just a few months ago, the candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination were battling for votes in the primaries--and using fiery anti-Bush rhetoric to try to win support. That was then.


Death row prisoner Ryan Matthews wins a new trial
A step closer to getting justice
Prosecutors in Louisiana's Jefferson Parish have finally agreed to a new trial for Ryan Matthews--an innocent man who has spent the last five years on death row.

New powers for local police
Deputies in a war on immigrants
Deputizing the nation's 650,000 cops into armed agents of immigration control is one of several features of legislation now before Congress.

Only the good news, please
All news is good news. At least for the Bush administration hacks working at the U.S. Coalition Provisional Authority press office in Iraq.


Why is Kucinich still in the race?
The ultimate tragedy is that Dennis Kucinich is going to tell his supporters that the only responsible thing to do in November is to elect a man who stands closer to Bush on their issues than he does to them.

Why gay marriage is a civil rights issue
The creation of a new and separate institution for gay couples--or anyone else--is just another form of discrimination. Why should gays and lesbians not have the same rights as heterosexuals?


Columbia University strike one of several battles
Grad employees fight back
A strike by teaching and research assistants at Columbia University in New York is the latest in a series of similar battles across the U.S.

UFCW members gear up ahead of May 2 contract deadline
Grocery showdown in Seattle?
The stage is set in the Puget Sound region for the latest round of contract negotiations between the United Food and Commercial Workers union and the three grocery giants.

On the picket line
Los Angeles teachers; University of Wisconsin-Madison


News and reports
U.S. out of Haiti; Campaign to End the Death Penalty; Gay marriage is a civil right; No to war and occupation; Justice for Palestine


Don't rely on the Democrats to take our side
We demand our rights
After two stunning legal victories last year in the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, gay marriage activists and supporters suffered our first defeat.

Refusing to be silenced by pro-war hawks
The attempt to smear my name and attack me as being unpatriotic is shooting the messenger, rather than heeding the message.

Letters to the editor
Don't be sorry for opposing this war; Fighting for decent schools; The terrorists that the right supports


Texas creation myth according to Disney
Forget The Alamo
In case you were hoping otherwise, the much-hyped "historically accurate," "told from all sides" Disney movie The Alamo leaves the Texas creation myth disgustingly intact.

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