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May 28, 2004 | Issue 501


From Palestine to Iraq...
Massacred for empire
George W. Bush talks about "democracy" in Iraq. But Washington and its ally Israel are out to dominate the Middle East through death, destruction and overwhelming military force.

"I don't think that an earthquake could do what the Israeli army did here"
Israel's terror in Gaza
Scenes of devastation awaited residents of Gaza's Rafah refugee camp around every corner, as Palestinians left their homes for the first time after a six-day siege by Israeli forces that left 42 dead.


How the rich rob the poor and the politicians make it all...
Perfectly legal
The system is rigged so that the wealth of U.S. society "trickles up." One little-noticed reason has to do with the injustices of the tax system.


Convicted for refusing to fight Bush's war
"Guys like Camilo expose the truth"
The first U.S. soldier to go public with his refusal to fight Bush's war in Iraq was convicted of desertion on May 21. Socialist Worker talked to a member of Staff Sgt. Camilo Mejia's legal team.

Evidence from U.S. torture chambers in Iraq revealed
"They destroyed me"
The sickening evidence of the torture of Iraqi prisoners at the hands of the U.S. military at Abu Ghraib continued to pile up as transcripts of interviews with the victims, hundreds of new photos and even digital videos were released.

Why the Bush administration turned on Ahmed Chalabi
From stooge to scapegoat
Earlier this year, Iraqi National Congress leader Ahmad Chalabi sat behind Laura Bush as an honored guest during the State of the Union address. But now, George Bush recently told Jordan's King Abdullah, "You can piss on Chalabi."

Newspapers of the Black liberation movement
"Speaking for the oppressed"
The most important revolutionary organizations of the African American radicalization of the 1960s made their newspapers central to their activity.


Scrambling to repackage the occupation for June 30 deadline
Bush's recycled lies
George W. Bush's May 24 speech to the nation was another lame attempt to sell the deadly and sadistic conquest of Iraq as "liberation"--and, as of June 30, "Iraqi sovereignty."

Is Nader offering a left alternative?
Ralph Nader's acceptance of an endorsement by the right-wing Reform Party USA and his all-too-friendly meeting with Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry have undermined the case that he represents a left-wing alternative to the Washington status quo.

Should we trust Kerry?
John Kerry stabbed his pro-choice supporters in the back, telling a reporter that he would consider appointing anti-choice judges to federal courts.


What's holding back antiwar activism?
The Bush administration's entire project to reshape the Middle East is in peril, but the crisis at the top of society has not been matched by a surge in confidence from the antiwar movement below.

No refuge for Rafah refugees
Since 2000, Israel has driven more than 11,000 people from their homes in the Rafah camp in Gaza--making refugees out of people who were already refugees.


100,000 CWA members walk out at SBC
Strike ends, fight goes on
A four-day strike by nearly 100,000 workers at SBC Communications in 13 states ended with negotiations resumed on a new contract.

Labor in brief
Service Employees International Union Local 2028; University of California; Port truck drivers; We demand universal health care


Equal marriage can't wait
About 2,000 people marched across the Brooklyn Bridge May 23 to celebrate the victory for gay rights in Massachusetts and to demand that New York officials begin issuing licenses.

End the occupations of Iraq and Palestine
A crowd of about 1,000 made up largely of Muslims gathered in Times Square to protest the occupations of Iraq and Palestine--one in a series of demonstrations around the country.


Union backs Kerry despite awful education plan
Teachers deserve better
Our union trustee always hems and haws about how expensive mailings to members are. But when John Kerry won the horse race to be Democratic presidential candidate, every member got not one, but two, letters praising his campaign.

We can't let the Democrats divert our fight
In the fight for marriage equality in Wisconsin, activists have learned mountains about how to fight for civil rights.

Other letters
Trained to view Iraqis as animals; Nader doesn't deserve our vote; SW is wrong on identity politics; Changing leaders isn't enough


Filmmaker lives a month on fast food diet
His last supper?
Morgan Spurlock's film Super Size Me poses a simple question: Is the public health disaster of obesity the result of bad personal choices or is the $110-billion-a-year fast food industry to blame?

"You cannot kill the Haitian people's spirit"
The Agronomist, a documentary by Jonathan Demme about Jean Dominique, the Haitian social activist and owner of independent Radio Haiti, offers a needed explanation of the social crisis in Haiti.

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