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Contribute to your paper

IT GOES without saying that Socialist Worker doesn't get the big bucks flowing in from corporate advertising. We've always relied on our readers and supporters for financial help.

Now we're asking for your generosity once again.

Money has been a constant concern throughout our first 500 issues, and we'd like to take this opportunity to put our newspaper on a firmer footing heading into the next 500. So we've established a special fund drive for Socialist Worker's 500th issue. You can send a donation by check or money order to: Socialist Worker, P.O. Box 16085, Chicago, IL 60616. Or you can donate online: Click the Donate button below, and you'll be taken to a PayPal Web page, where you can contribute to SW, using either a credit card for a one-time transaction, or through an existing PayPal account that you've set up.

In a world dominated by war and poverty, where what passes for an alternative in mainstream politics is a "lesser evil" that's barely distinguishable from the "greater evil," the importance of SW has never been clearer. We hope you will be as generous as you can in supporting your newspaper.


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