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September 10, 2004 | Issue 511


Bush rants...Kerry blusters...
They won't talk about the real issues
The two main candidates' scripted, television-ready appearances will be filled with talk about "leadership," "values" and "character." Anything except the real issues that effect people's lives.

Military families send message to the war makers:
Bring the troops home now!
U.S. soldiers and veterans, along with family members, took to a makeshift podium on the last day of the Republican convention to denounce Bush's war on Iraq.


The facts you need to know about...
The Bush/Kerry doctrine
What kind of foreign policy can we expect from a Kerry presidency? "In many ways, the goals of the two administrations are in fact not all that different," says Kerry's main adviser on national security.

David Potorti of September 11 Families for Peaceful Tomorrows:
"They'll use anything to consolidate their power"
David Potorti, whose brother James died in the attack on the World Trade Center, challenges the "military-industrial-media complex" that turned tragedy into an excuse for war.

Beyond the Democrats and Republicans...
Why is there no third party in the U.S.?
Since 1856, every U.S. president has been the candidate of either the Democratic or Republican Party, and third party candidates have been forced to the margins of political debate.


Why Kerry and the Democrats don't deserve the left's support
The greater evil of "lesser evilism"
Kerry has devoted his campaign to rejecting almost everything progressives believe in--and in spite of that, millions of people will vote for him because he is Anybody But Bush.


How many innocent lives were destroyed?
Houston cops' "legacy of fraud"
Houston police admitted that they discovered mislabeled and improperly stored evidence from 8,000 criminal cases that may provide answers in hundreds of pending innocence claims.

Two Islamic charities are...
Innocent victims of a witch-hunt
More than two years ago, the federal government closed down two Chicago-area Islamic charities, charging that they "financed terrorists." But now, the commission that investigated September 11 has concluded that the Feds were wrong.

Republicans' loose cannon opens fire
No one at the Republican National Convention stepped out of line or strayed far from the party line. No one, that is, except right-wing loon Alan Keyes.


The scorched earth war on Chechnya no one will talk about
Behind Russia's school horror
Socialist Worker reports on the bloody aftermath of the hostage crisis in a Russian school--and how it is connected to President Vladimir Putin's scorched-earth war in Chechnya.


The cop and the groundskeeper
If we were to guess by the portrayal of police work on television shows, a cop's job is one of the most dangerous in the world. What do the facts tell us?


School district pushes union-busting demands
Oakland teachers fight back
In a strong show of solidarity, 400 people rallied and marched in support of public education and teachers' right to a decent contract.

Anti-occupation resolution passes at union convention
CWA says bring troops home
The convention of the Communication Workers of America almost unanimously passed a resolution that endorses the "war on terror," but also calls for bringing the troops home from Iraq now.

Labor in brief
Northeastern Illinois University; Seattle teachers


New York cops lock up RNC protesters at a record pace
"Guantánamo on the Hudson"
Police arrested more than 1,800 protesters during the Republican National Convention, the largest episode of mass arrests in the New York's history.

News and reports
Stop Chicago police torture; Vote Nader 2004


Prosecutors won't retry former death row inmate
Ryan's nightmare is over
Seven years after he was arrested for a crime he didn't commit, the nightmare for former Louisiana death row prisoner Ryan Matthews finally came to an end.

UFCW has no plan to defend grocery workers
I am disheartened, but not the least bit surprised, by the results of the United Food and Commercial Workers' latest contract battle with the grocery bosses.

Other letters
Trying for the job lottery; Two parties for big business; Don't ignore the differences; Looking for an alternative; Starbucks short on a living wage


Why you should join Nader's revolt
"Throughout history the taunt of those who advocate that we should not press too hard has been, 'Do you really think you can win?'" writes Greg Bates writes in his new book Ralph's Revolt.

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