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September 24, 2004 | Issue 513


Con man vs. madman
How low will they go?
Dirty tricks by George Bush and empty rhetoric from John Kerry have made the 2004 presidential election one of the most bankrupt that anyone can remember.

Growing resistance throws Washington's occupation into crisis
"Gates of hell open in Iraq"
"The gates of hell are open in Iraq, where the situation is becoming more complicated and troubled." Those were the words of Amr Moussa, head of the Arab League.


George Monbiot on the elections:
"You have to start working for change now"
One of the leading figures in the global justice movement explains why he calls for activists to challenge the pressure to vote for "the bad against the terrible"--and instead support Ralph Nader.

Why you should vote for Nader/Camejo
On almost every issue that people care about, the differences between Bush and Kerry are harder and harder to find. But there is an alternative.

The world's greatest democracy?
From our first days in school, we are told constantly that the United States is the "world's greatest democracy." Socialist Worker takes a closer look.

What's at stake for women in Election 2004?
At the 1 million-strong March for Women's Lives in April, a young woman asked me, "So now what do we do?" It's the key question.

How the Democrats moved to the right to cater to business
Putting the bosses first
SW looks at how and why the Democratic Party has shifted to the right over the past three decades.

Why is Kerry running such a lame campaign?
George Bush should be struggling to explain the disastrous invasion of Iraq and an economy that's still sputtering. Yet it's John Kerry who is on the defensive.


Washington's occupation of Iraq spirals out of control
Has the U.S. already lost?
George Bush is telling campaign audiences that "freedom is on the march" in Iraq--at precisely the moment that everyone else is saying the U.S. occupation is spinning out of control.

The Democrats' war on democracy
If opposition candidates were excluded from the presidential election in Venezuela, Washington would be issuing denunciations. But when it comes to Ralph Nader, it's a different story.


Anti-immigrant forces push Arizona initiative
Say no to Prop 200!
Anti-immigrant forces have shifted into high gear in Arizona to win support for Proposition 200, the misnamed "Protect Arizona Now" ballot initiative.

Grand jury investigation of the cover-up
Mass beating in Cook County jail
A special grand jury investigating the mass beating of prisoners at Chicago's Cook County Jail in 1999 issued a report charging that responsibility runs straight to the top.

Attacking abortion rights
The anti-abortionists' attack on the right to choose has been escalating, even though you might not hear about it from politicians or the mainstream media.

Left behind to face the storm
Almost entirely overlooked in the news about the destruction caused by Hurricane Ivan last week was the manmade disaster waiting to happen.


Scapegoating of Arabs and Muslims on the rise
Stoking racism after 9/11
The latest evidence confirms what opponents of the USA PATRIOT Act already knew: The mass detention of Arabs and Muslims since September 11 has led to a sharp rise in racism.

Are there any good capitalists?
Scrooge-like behavior is built into the makeup of capitalism. If you're a capitalist, therefore, concern for your employees is actually bad for business.

Inside the system
Presidential Bling; You better be thankful for George Bush; Heard it through the grapevine


US Airways bankruptcy "a test case for breaking unions"
New attack on airline labor
If US Airways and United get away with dumping pensions, other major carriers are likely to follow suit, and that's a fight that labor has to respond to.

Rank-and-file activists pose election challenge in UTLA
Dissent in LA teachers union
LA teachers have been working without a contract for over 14 months, and our union leaders have no strategy for fighting back. We're taking matters into our own hands.

Labor in brief
Wilshire Grand Hyatt Hotel; University of Washington


News and reports
Fight for immigrant rights; News from the Nader campaign


A double standard about stealing from workers
The boardroom robbers
Woe to the capitalist who cheats other capitalists, but a capitalist who tries to cheat workers out of their wages, benefits and pensions is just being a good capitalist.

Will a safe-states strategy build the left?
Socialist Worker was accused of lying about the Green Party's "safe state" strategy in a recent letter to the editor. I beg to differ.

Other letters
Nader alone isn't enough; Don't support dirty tricks; Ethical treatment of humans?; They can't have the Man in Black; Martha tries to remake image


Sayles' Silver City doesn't quite measure up
The candidate and the corpse
Angered by the "one-sided discussion" in American politics, John Sayles wanted to make a film where the politics in it are "of the day."

If the stolen election ended in revolt
The premise of "Boondocks" comic creator Aaron McGruder's graphic novel is that there was an uprising of African Americans after their disenfranchisement in the 2000 elections.

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