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October 1, 2004 | Issue 514


Mother of slain soldier arrested for speaking out
They sent her son to die for oil
Sue Niederer listened quietly as Laura Bush addressed a rally of her husband's supporters. But when the First Lady started talking about the war on Iraq, Niederer couldn't stay silent.

Bush administration budget plans put...
Affordable housing on the chopping block
If cutbacks proposed by the Bush administration--in a little publicized revision of federal rules on Section 8 housing--go through, they will have a devastating impact on hundreds of thousands of poor families.


Tragic suicide of an Iraq war veteran
A casualty of Bush's war
Jeffrey Lucey is not a name that will not soon be forgotten by those who attended a memorial service for him at Holyoke Community College.

The issues Bush and Kerry won't debate
The presidential debates will be thoroughly stage-managed affairs, designed to leave the tough questions off the table. Socialist Worker looks at a few of the issues that won't be discussed.

The presidential campaigns of Socialist Party leader Eugene Debs
When 1 million voted for socialism
We're told that the choice between Democrats and Republicans is the best we can expect--but in the early years of the 20th century, Eugene V. Debs won up to 1 million votes in his five presidential campaigns.


Behind the hot air from Bush and Kerry...
Are they really that different?
This year's lame presidential debates are perfectly in keeping with a political system that is designed to restrict the acceptable areas of disagreement to a narrow spectrum.

The real scandal of the U.S. media
The shame of the media--at CBS and elsewhere--isn't the use of made-up memos or bogus sources, but the business relationships that dominate U.S. journalism.


Is the U.S. headed toward confrontation
Iran in the crosshairs
Washington's pressure over Iran's nuclear program is setting the stage for a major confrontation, including a possible military attack--either by Israel or U.S. forces directly.

Killer floods hit Gonaïves
Unnatural roots of Haiti's disaster
As many as 2,500 people may be dead in Haiti, and hundreds of thousands face starvation after a heavy storm tore across the country. But this nightmare has roots which are anything but natural.


Look who the Feds are picking on now...
New victim of "no-fly" list
Is the man who wrote the song Peace Train a dangerous militant with ties to terrorists? That's what the Bush administration's witch-hunters would like us to believe.

Wal-Mart workers need help to get by
They work for the largest private employer in the country. But they're paid so poorly that they need public assistance.

NHL takes shots at players' union
Claiming millions of dollars in losses, the National Hockey League has locked out its unionized players on September 15.


No choice between pro-war candidates
John Kerry's more aggressive posture against George Bush recently is a change in style, not in substance.


Farm Labor Organizing Committee organizes Mt. Olive Pickle
A historic victory in N.C.
More than 8,000 "guest" workers in North Carolina won a union and a contract after a long battle and a five-year boycott of the Mt. Olive Pickle Company's products.

One-day strike puts governor on the defensive
Kentucky teachers fight for health care
A new plan proposed by Kentucky officials would force state employees to pay even higher premiums and deductibles, while reducing benefits. But rank-and-file teachers are fighting back.

Labor in brief
Hotel workers; San Francisco teachers; Million Worker March; University of Washington


News and reports
Housing is a right; Justice for the Death Row 10; News from the Nader campaign; Global justice


"The people are in the streets demanding justice"
Fight for immigrant rights
Over the past month, protests for immigrant rights in the San Francisco Bay Area have demonstrated the success of grassroots organizing of the immigrant community.

Sexism will only set back our movement
I was so happy to participate in the anti-Republican National Convention protests in New York, but too many people were willing to voice stupid, pointless and often sexist slogans and visuals.

Other letters
Solidarity with dockworkers; Will Kerry fight racism?; The resistance to occupation; What's behind Sudan's crisis?; Nader won't build the Greens


Fox in the media henhouse
A team of volunteers watched and recorded Fox News programming 24 hours a day--and proved definitively the lie in Fox's "fair and balanced" claim.

Stories that demand justice in Haiti
Edwidge Danticat's The Dew Breaker, a collection of interconnected short stories, is an important contribution to telling the truth about Haiti's past and present.

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