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October 15, 2004 | Issue 516


Bush and Kerry both want more occupation...
We say: Get out of Iraq now!
It's official...again. The Bush administration lied about weapons of mass destruction to get its war on Iraq. But "democracy and freedom" for Iraqis--that was the biggest lie of them all.

Attack on pensions
Corporate America is trying to steal our future
The corporate vultures who grabbed pension funds for profits in the 1990s are out to slash those retirement funds today--or abandon their obligations altogether.


Why Iraq isn't a "diversion" from the "real war"
The bipartisan war on the world
John Kerry claims that Bush's obsession with Iraq took attention away from the "war on terror." And tragically, some antiwar leaders are echoing this prowar argument.

Get the military out of our schools
City officials want to open a "naval academy" in a Chicago high school--and increase the already strong influence of the armed forces in our schools.

An argument to scare progressives into voting Democrat
What about the Supreme Court?
Democrats are recycling an argument about the future of the Supreme Court that progressives can set their watches by--because we hear it every four years.


Behind Bush and Kerry's narrow debate...
A fake choice
Like everything about Election 2004, the presidential debates are designed to highlight the candidates' limited disagreements--while hiding much larger areas of basic agreement.

Israel buries the "peace" process
The suicide bombing that targeted Israeli tourists in Egypt captured front-page headlines, but the more lethal Israeli violence against Palestinians both before and after the bombing was barely mentioned.


Massive fraud in Afghanistan vote
"This election is just for show"
"Freedom is beautiful," George Bush said as elections were held in the country he conquered. Ordinary Afghanis would use different words to describe the "vote"--like "fraud."

Israel escalates the terror
Washington's favored ally in the Middle East
U.S. officials see Israel's occupation of Palestine as another front in the U.S. "war on terror." This means backing Israel's state-sponsored terror to the hilt.


Chicago transit chief threatens service cuts and layoffs
Making workers pay for the budget crisis
Proposed budget at the Chicago Transit Authority would slash bus and train service that low-income workers depend on--and kick more than 1,000 CTA workers out of a job.

Supply is far short of need
Behind the flu vaccine scandal
The announcement of a huge shortage of flu vaccine is another facet of an already existing disaster, known as the for-profit U.S. health care system.

A religious fanatic spewing hatred
In a recent televised sermon, televangelist Jimmy Swaggart condemned homosexuality as sinful and disgusting--even more so than murder, apparently.


Kerry's bid to win the "war on terror"
Amid their euphoria that the Kerry campaign is finally fighting back, progressives have failed to notice--or chosen not to see--that Kerry is rehabilitating Bush's "war on terror."


Bosses take hard line after two-week UNITE HERE strike
Battle is on at SF hotels
Hotel workers in San Francisco were set to end their strike October 13, but faced a probable indefinite lockout by employers.

Organizing a victory from the ground up
The 75 union employees of the Children's Council of San Francisco won a good contract despite looming state and city budget cuts--by focusing on rank-and-file organizing.

Labor in brief
Northeastern Illinois University; Million Worker March; City Colleges of Chicago; Ohio State University


FBI seizes computer equipment in Britain
Feds target Indymedia
The long hand of the FBI reached overseas last week to seize computer servers for London's Indymedia Web site.

News and reports
News from the Nader campaign; Fight racism at UMass Amherst


Rochester police target Puerto Rican Festival
Under siege from police
The Rochester police seem to take special efforts to repress our community and keep Puerto Ricans "in their place."

Chicago's hollow monument to labor's struggle
It is a sad day in the history of labor when a symbol of revolution--Chicago's Haymarket Square--is used in a scheme for gentrification and tourist dollars.

Other letters
Two parties, one goal; Nader made a rotten decision; Praying for discrimination; Nader defies the duopoly; John Kerry is a lesser evil


Does downloading hurt the music industry?
Who are the real pirates?
The Recording Industry Association of America has declared war--on music fans and artists.

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