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November 12, 2004 | Issue 520


Bush gives the order to crush Falluja
Stop the slaughter!
U.S. officials claim that they are targeting "terrorists" in Falluja. But their real purpose is to crush the city that has come to symbolize Iraqi resistance to occupation.

Launch new wars...Overturn abortion rights...Privatize Social Security
Bush's hit list
George Bush is taking aim--from plotting new wars abroad to privatizing Social Security. And he won't stop until he's met with resistance.


Arafat and the struggle for Palestine
Toufic Haddad writes from the West Bank on the legacy of Yasser Arafat and the future of the Palestinian struggle.

An anti-immigrant hysteria to justify their "war on terror"
Victims of a witch-hunt
The U.S. immigration system is set up for abuse and cruelty. But since September 11, authorities have used their powers most aggressively against anyone of Arab descent.


Explaining John Kerry's defeat
America's right turn?
The media claim that George Bush's victory is evidence that the U.S. is a deeply conservative country that puts "moral values" above all else. But is their spin right?

The rise and fall of Newt Gingrich
The 1994 elections marked the biggest Republican victory in a generation. But it didn't last for long.

The Nader-Camejo campaign:
Standing up to Anybody But Bush
It's painfully obvious that Ralph Nader was right--and the Anybody But Bush left was disastrously wrong in throwing their support behind John Kerry.


Bush's deadly assault on Falluja
Standing up against their war crimes
Now is a critical time for the antiwar movement to confront the administration's lies about "taking on the terrorists"--and show its opposition to the U.S. occupation of Iraq.

Democrats search for scapegoats
The Democrats' favorite target for abuse in this year's "Post-election Blame Game" is San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom.


U.S. steps up military presence in an oil-rich region
A war for oil in Colombia?
Colombia's right-wing government is escalating its dirty war on leftist guerillas to secure oil resources--and the U.S. government is more openly involved than ever.

Cease-fire in Ivory Coast breaks down
The end of an almost two-year-old ceasefire in the Ivory Coast has left dozens of people dead--and the country hurtling back toward civil war.


Bush lashes out at critics
IRS threatens probe of NAACP
The Internal Revenue Service is threatening to investigate the nation's oldest civil rights organization--because its director criticized George W. Bush at its July convention.

Testing pesticides on poor children
The Bush administration and Corporate America want to use poor kids as guinea pigs to test the "safety" of pesticides and other chemicals.


Faculty and staff stop concessions at Chicago City Colleges
Teachers win their strike
Full-time teachers and professional staff at Chicago City Colleges successfully resisted attempts by the administration to impose a draconian contract.

Labor in brief
Hotel and casino workers; Northeastern Illinois University; United Airlines


"No blood for oil, U.S. off Iraqi soil"
While the mainstream media was still digesting the election results, activists opposed to Bush and his war in Iraq took to the streets to show their opposition.

News and reports
Justice for Palestine


Problems at Houston crime lab affect thousands
Texas' deadly scandal
A scandal of tremendous proportions has been unfolding in the Texas criminal justice system.

Other letters
The stadium stick-up in Washington, D.C.; Stupid voters are to blame for Bush; We need more than just the Democrats; Moshing against Washington's war


What Hollywood left out of Ray
The new Ray showcases several talented African American actors and the wonderful music of Ray Charles. But the story is a standard Hollywood formula.

Other Septembers and other Americas
The essays in Ariel Dorfman's new book offer a unique perspective on subjects ranging from imperialism to video games.

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