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December 3, 2004 | Issue 522


Sent to die in Bush's war for oil and empire
Bring them home now!
The full extent of the horror in Falluja is still hidden to many in the U.S.--thanks to the pro-war U.S. media. But the Pentagon is ready to inflict more death and destruction.

San Francisco • North Carolina • New York City
Anti-Arab witch-hunt on campus
A string of incidents on college campuses across the country shows how low the right wing will go to stifle opposition to the Bush administration's racist policies.


Patrick Cockburn on Iraq after Falluja:
Will the U.S. win the occupation?
Journalist Patrick Cockburn talked to Socialist Worker about what really happened in Falluja--and why Washington's "victory" in this battle won't help it win the war.

Letter from a GI in Falluja:
"This wasn't a war, it was a massacre"

Slandered for opposing Israel
Don't let them silence dissent at Columbia!
The real targets of harassment at Columbia aren't pro-Israel students--but professors who publicly criticize the United States and Israel.


Rebuilding the struggle
How to stop the attack on abortion rights
The anti-abortion bigots can be stopped--if they're opposed. That opposition will have to be built from the bottom up.

They call this an opposition party?
The latest example of the Democrats' bold plan to make themselves further indistinguishable from the Republicans is Harry Reid's (D-Nev.) selection as Senate minority leader.


Standoff between U.S.-backed and Russian-backed candidates
Ukraine's election crisis
The election standoff in Ukraine is portrayed in the U.S. as a battle between democrats and authoritarians. But it's really a scramble for power among corrupt politicians and their wealthy backers.


"Years of racism and hatred directed at the Hmong"
Behind the Wisconsin shootings
Brewing racial tensions reached the boiling point in late November when a Hmong-American shot and killed six white hunters in Wisconsin's North Woods.

County board votes to close King/Drew trauma center
Gutting public health care in LA
The health care crisis in Los Angeles took a further spiral downward when the County Board of Supervisors voted to close the county's second-busiest trauma center.

Chicago cop saw suspects tortured
For the first time, a Chicago police officer has come forward to say publicly that he witnessed cops under Jon Burge's command torturing a suspect.


What's behind the dollar crisis?
Federal Reserve Chair Alan Greenspan's November 21 warning about the size of the U.S. budget and trade deficits sent the foreign exchange value of the dollar plunging.


Teamsters organizer murdered in El Salvador
An organizer for the International Brotherhood of Teamsters was assassinated November 5 in El Salvador, where he was building links with Central American port workers.

Administration playing hardball with strikers and students
NEIU faculty walk out
Faculty at Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago went on strike November 19 for a contract with decent raises and good working conditions.

SF hotels and union agree to end lockout
The 38-day lockout of San Francisco hotel workers ended when the union and hotel management agreed to a 60-day cooling-off period.

Other labor
New York City teachers; Cincinnati janitors; Justice for Janitors


News and reports
Shut down the School of the Americas; No to war and occupation; Defend gay rights


Why didn't the Democrats put up a real fight?
The "moral values" hype
Since the election, we've been bombarded by the media with talk about "moral values" and gay marriage. Don't believe it.

Immigrants under attack across Europe
The defeat of two initiatives changing the naturalization process should be placed in the context of a hardening of immigration policy, in Switzerland as in the rest of Europe.

Other letters
Dead end of the Democrats; No, Kerry really did win; Ralph Nader fights for D.C.; The media's one-sided view; We need to organize now


Artist and activist Anthony Papa speaks out:
"Art can be a weapon of the oppressed"
A victim of New York's draconian Rockefeller Drug Laws talks to SW about his own struggle against the prison-industrial complex.

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